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  1. some old queen

    That Examiner front page opinion piece is funny- the government is only ‘right wing’ when it comes to the topic of immigration so. People dying on the streets or on trolleys in hospitals is just run of the mill middle of the road stuff so.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      And our children and our children’s children. RTÉ supporting the arts.. my arse. They are more ignorant and short sighted and troglodyte like than anyone could have imagined.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Panic by Ms. Forbes. She’s manages to sell off two pieces of art for approx €146,000 of which auctioneers fees Sotheby’s charge 25% = €36500 and of which the Arts Council get 50% of the proceeds.
      That means that the proceeds for RTE are €146,000 minus €36500 = €109,500. 50% of which = € 54750 income for RTE.
      Subtract other costs such as transportation / insurance (€6000 – €10,000), Travel, subsistence etc. and you’re into the realms of a €40,000 true income. Doubtful if that would cover even part of say, a Late Late Show production costs.
      Dee Forbes doesn’t have much of a clue really. Optics which have backfired.

          1. martco

            €40k? hm..
            could be Tubs wage for the Christmas Show / 20mins interview with Bojo the clown / a new garage for Harry Molloy in Fair City / annual budget for RTÉ Player….

    3. Paulus

      A selection of RTE art
      was called on to help play its part.
      But Dee Forbes’ concoction
      disappointed at auction;
      despite Sothebys playing their part.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Howlin really sticking it to Verona Murphy and Varadkar. No doubt she’s created a big advantage for George Lawlor, Howlin’s protege and replacement-in-waiting.
    FG really haven’t much of a clue with their candidate selection. I wonder how long she’ll remain at the helm of the IRHA, now that her racism has come to the fore.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Odd that we haven’t had the queue of do-gooders on here in the past couple of days telling us about how Verona Murphy is far right. And Varadkar is supporting her attempt to get elected. Looks like some people on here only have their own definition of far right.
        Pretty tame on Clifford Lee too mind you.

        1. italia'90

          She’s in FG
          No more needs to be said I wouId have thought?
          And the other one is in FG Lite

          If you don’t Iike this bIonde bigot we have other bIonde bigots for you to vote for

          1. some old queen

            On behalf of the blondes of Ireland I take offence to that comment- I am outraged- I’m like that.

            Ban hate speech to Blondes I say- especially the bottled variety.

        2. V

          If its evidence of anything
          It’s that Gender Quotas are not delivering worthwhile Candidates to put on front of the voter

          It also asks questions of the main parties candidate vetting processes

          And also their inability to attract decent potential candidates

          1. Cian

            They should come here and let all the BS commenters become candidates. Y’all seem to know how the country should be run.

          2. :-Joe

            lol…. haha…

            Oh, mercy… Personally I think there is a great gender balance with the independants and the so-called “left”..

            The problems with gender/female candidates all stem from the so-called “far-right” establishment for private profit merchants in the F-f/g party.

            The auld bhoys club and the foreign glabal banking and shareholders network is not an easy place for an Irish woman to thrive…


    1. Otis Blue

      It’s a funny old game.

      Think back a little over 12 months to when the idea of replacing Mourinho by Poch was touted. Every United fan would have bitten your hand off. The idea then that, not alone would Poch be sacked having led them to a Champions League final, but replaced by Mourinho, is just too funny.

      Might be fun though.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            I don’t like him but his record speaks for itself.
            He’s a winner.
            He leaves your club in poopy but he’s a winner.

        1. :-Joe

          Surely you mean assistant director of football(yes man/student/personal assitant ) to Fergie until he passes away, no?


  3. V

    Ah here

    did ye not think of putting a reserve on those paintings

    Imagine if it was one of their own that picked them up below the guide prices

  4. GiggidyGoo

    I wonder what cargo Freebird Airlines (Turkish outfit) carried from Beirut to Baldonnel yesterday. Seating room for 140+.

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