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  1. Tea And Brexits

    “Organist” and “Gay Wedding” in a headline in Sligo. Whudathunk? And the man barely in the ground.

      1. some old queen

        Joke obliviously- but sure all Protestant organists are gay- it’s compulsory- they’d be music-less without them- setting a dangerous precedent if they start sacking them for getting married.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      they let a Presbyterian minister go for marrying his long term partner there recently, all bigots as bad as each other, selling “Christian love “

      1. Tea And Brexits

        The Internet is outraged because someone used PhotoShop to change an original image? Wow. Does this sort of PhotoShopping happen a lot on the Internet? Dumbfounded.

      2. Bud Flanagan

        The Labour Party launches its radical manifesto in Birmingham today.
        Exactly 45 years ago to the day since the Birmingham pub bombings by the IRA which killed 21 people and injured 182 others.
        Corbyn is the gift that keeps on giving.

        1. Bud Flanagan

          21 real people with names.

          Stan Bodman (51)
          Trevor Thrupp (33)
          James Caddick (40)
          John Rowlands (46)
          Pam Palmer (19)
          Paul Davies (21)
          Neil Marsh (20)
          Jane Davis (17)
          Eugene Reilly (23)
          Des Reilly (20)
          Lynn Bennett (18)
          Stephen Whalley (21)
          Marilyn Nash (21)
          Anne Hayes (19)
          Maureen Roberts (20)
          Michael Beasley (30)
          Maxine Hambleton (18)
          John Jones (51)
          Charles Grey (44)
          Tom Chaytor (28)
          James Craig (34)

          1. :-Joe

            You eejit, your mind clearly isn’t your own…

            He clearly acknowleged it in his speech and used it to highlight how important the good friday agreement is to any deal with Brexit.

            You’re an absolute clueless eejit using the names of the dead victims for your ignorant nonsense and another failed smear on Corbyn… urghh so many eejits.


    1. Rosette of Sirius

      As a citizen of Eire, one would think you’d appreciate how acts of ‘unconscious bigotry’ can rub a people up the wrong way.

      1. bisted

        …anti-Semitism isn’t ‘rubbing people up the wrong way’…it’s specifically the method used by the Nazis to demonise an entire race and justify the extermination of millions…anti-Semitism and all forms of racism should be condemned…it should not be weaponised to justify the existence of a failed regime that practices apartheid and genecide…

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          For what it’s worth, anti semitism was around long before the Nazis. With that said I’m pretty sure you know what I was getting at.

          1. f_lawless

            Every time I hear those colonialists across the water vocalise the ‘th’ in McGrath it cuts to the bone. Feels like they’re spitting on the graves of my ancestors.

        2. some old queen

          Judasim is not a race it is a religion and just like Islam or Christianity, people are entitled to hold whatever views they wish- both for good and bad.

    2. :-Joe

      Ye he’s clearly either living in a deluded denial fantasy bubble or just a an apologist for zionist/israeli propaganda and lies about anti-semitism all because Corbyn removed all associations with their lobbying of Labour and Young Labour unlike the tory’s and Young conservatives.

      Anyone remember @badiel randomly turning up on the BBC Frankie Boyle show, fair enough but at that time the Gaza Massacre had just been reported so he turns to spread propaganda and push, promote and defend the Zionist / Israeli agenda by condemming Corbyn for anti-semitism in Labour as a distraction?…

      It was so obviously and blatantly forced into the show…. I’ve never seen anything so crass by comedians or the BBC – I was livid.. I thought Boyle had more backbone.
      – & then he and the BBC get called out for peddling propaganda after he wrote a smear sketch for the Tracy Ullman show..

      He must be so hard up he’s getting paid directly as an active twitter-troll and media propagandist. – It’s Totally nuts how blatent it has become…


  2. GiggidyGoo

    Irish Daily Mail – yesterdays news today.
    The ‘letter not received’ defense was always a get-out for penalty points. Many cases thrown out because the notice wasn’t received.

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Probably think the UK Daily Mail cover about Randy Andy’s Endy isn’t suitable for the Oirish.

  3. Bud Flanagan

    Joe Schmidt’s mea culpa in the Irish Times for the RWC disaster reads more like Schmidt Happens, handily written by IRFU toady Gerry Thornley.
    Whining about bad decisions from the officials, the poor training pitch ( where have we heard that rubbish before ) and fine margins.
    Fine margins ? Ireland were hockeyed by a Tier 2 side and destroyed in the QF.
    The so-called tactical genius was exposed as just an Ordinary Joe, which handily enough is the title of his book.

    1. :-Joe

      Joe Schmidt’s mea culpa?..

      You should put that rugby ball in your mouth and leave it there until the next RWC, roight?..

      Absolute eejit.


  4. martco

    Examiner – Spit & Hair flying

    love these “a source claimed” stories

    “Ross was fucking livid with him. This is Ross getting his own back”, said a Fine Gael figure

    impressive on a broadsheet front page

    hm. now then, I think you have to leave that up there Bodger! it’s a direct quote after all?

  5. Bud Flanagan

    Former SNP leader Alex Salmond up before the beak in Scotland on a string of sex charges including attempted rape.
    One of the alleged assaults happened in the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant in the west end of Glasgow in 2012.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      The list of charges that Mr Salmond is facing.

      The attempted rape is said to have happened in June 2014 at the first minister’s official Bute House residence in Edinburgh. He is alleged to have pushed a woman against a wall and to have removed her clothes and his own, before pushing her onto a bed and lying naked on top of her.

      The other 13 charges allege that:

      Indecently assaulted a woman on a number of occasions in Glasgow in June and July 2008 by kissing her on the mouth and touching her buttocks and breasts with his hands over her clothing
      Sexually assaulted the same woman in December 2010 or December 2011 in the Ego nightclub in Edinburgh by touching her arms and hips with his hands over her clothing
      Indecently assaulted a woman in October or November 2010 at Bute House by repeatedly seizing her by the wrists and repeatedly pulling her towards him and attempting to kiss her
      Sexually assaulted a woman in a car in Edinburgh in February 2011 by touching her leg with his hand over her clothing
      Sexually assaulted a woman on various occasions between 2011 and 2013 at Bute House, the Scottish Parliament and other locations by touching her buttocks with his hands over her clothing, stroking her arms, and touching and stroking her hair
      Sexually assaulted a woman at Bute House in October 2013 by removing her foot from her shoe, stroking her foot, lifting her foot towards his mouth and attempting to kiss her foot
      Sexually assaulted a woman at Bute House in November or December 2013 by kissing her on the mouth
      Intended to rape the same woman in December 2013 at Bute House by causing her to sit on a bed, lying on top of her, making sexual remarks to her, touching her buttocks, thighs and breasts over her clothing with his hands, repeatedly kissing her face, struggling with her and pulling up her dress
      Sexually assaulted a woman in 2012 at the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant in Glasgow by touching her buttocks with his hand over her clothing
      Sexually assaulted the same woman at Bute House in April 2014 by placing his arm around her, making sexual remarks to her and attempting to kiss her
      Sexually assaulted a woman at Bute House in May 2014 by placing his arm around her body, placing his hand under her clothing and underwear and touching her breast, repeatedly kissing her on the face and neck and stroking her leg with his hand
      Sexually assaulted a woman at Bute House in September 2014 by seizing her by the shoulders, repeatedly kissing her on the face, attempting to kiss her on the lips and touching her leg and face with his hand
      Sexually assaulted a woman at Stirling Castle in November 2014 by touching her buttock with his hand over her clothing

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