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Via The London Evening Standard:

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley has defended her decision to wear a t-shirt featuring a doctored photo of Jeremy Corbyn, saying she has “no qualms” about “highlighting” the Labour leader’s “racism”.

The original photo, taken in 1984, captures the moment the Labour leader was arrested while protesting the South African apartheid.

However, the real message on Mr Corbyn’s placard – which read: “Defend the right to protest against apartheid. Join this picket” – has been replaced on Ms Riley’s top.

Rachel Riley defends photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn t-shirt after Twitter calls for Countdown host to be sacked

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50 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. naasface

    she’s believing zionist spin articles, who badmouth corbyn because he wants them to stop shelling the crep out of palestinian children. she’s fallen for it.

    1. Listrade

      There are also some hilarious incidents floating around on Twitter where she accuses actual Jewish people of being anti-Semitic. Her standard response when it is pointed out is to block people.

      1. naasface

        really shows that solving connundrums and complex maths problems doesn’t necessarily constitute intelligence.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I have seen a ridiculously accomplished academic saw a table in half to get it upstairs,
          take a whole bike apart and put it back together again in a field only to have missed it was out of petrol,
          no cop on

        2. :-Joe

          The world’s first living human bimbo-calculator?

          To be fair, there has been so much propaganda, lies, misinformation and influence coming from Israeli Zionism over the years and all the money, lobbying, manipualting, mossad etc. etc.

          It just shows that it has all worked or is having a strong effect….
          – Bibi must be sniggering away at it all ..


  2. bisted

    …a zionist apologist…not long since we had three of them declared at the cabinet table…only one left now and if anyone would like to hear what real, rabid anti-semitism sounds like listen to the inaugural speech given by his father -Oliver J Flanagan- to the Dail…

  3. Captain Pants

    Thats wonderful of her. I love how the same people that would be praising her as ‘brave’ for ‘speaking truth to power’ had she worn a T-shirt saying Johnson is a racist, are calling for her firing when she does it about a man who hangs out with actual genocidal racists and is presaging over a party that is imploding from within with Anti-Semitism.

    1. class wario

      i think this mental hypothetical fails because there are no photos of boris johnson attending anti-apartheid rallies for her to brainlessly photoshop

      1. Captain Pants

        Yes but that was 35 off years ago. He’s quite happy to call some of the most racist and violent people on earth his friends as long as they are non-Western though. Not to mention presiding over a party that has many genuinely hateful people in it (Salma Yaquoob et al)

          1. Captain Pants

            If he had been simply talking to people like Hamas and Hezbollah as a sort of intermediary or peace envoy, it would have been fine. He has attended the funerals of the terrorists involved in the Munich Massacre for example and allowed some pretty dodgy Islamist stuff to take place within his left wing party. That said, I don’t think Corbyn is a racist in the strict sense, he’s of a tradition in the hard left that horseshoes around to palling around with some of the worlds most regressive and right-wing movements, as long as they are non-western. Its pretty grubby stuff and should be called out for what it is.

          2. Captain Pants

            Hamas and Hezbollah are hard line islamists: they have hardline Islamist views on women gays and jews etc. These are extreme right wing views. For some reason when the people that have them are non-Western, we tend to pretend there’s something left-wing about them.

          3. some old queen

            That is exactly right Captain- Islam is an extreme right wing ideology- something a lot of people don’t seem to realise- or don’t want to see.

        1. :-Joe

          I replied to this same repeated comment below but just wanted to add that your opinions on Hamass, Hezbollah and Islam etc among others are just plain wrong.

          I get the impression that you are publicly struggling to accept that on the one hand he seems like a good bloke to support…

          …but on the other hand, your brain is so completely soaked through with propaganda and lies from the mainstream bought-off and corrupted media that you are unable to reconcile voting for a “freedom fighter” sympathiser.

          Even though he was actually very brave in attempting to be a broker of peace even if he failed to succeed.

          Just find better more reliable sources of truth for your news and information and your personal dilemma of the love and desire you hold in your heart for Jeremy to be the trustworthy, ordinary, decent, hard-working politician and leader you already know he is.. will all become clear and any anxiety will dissolve away soon after.

          You cannot fight true love, and win… x x x


    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Whitewashing apartheid is never a good look. Being pro Palestine is not antisemitic. Being pro Israel is pro apartheid.

    3. :-Joe

      If she was caught wearing a t-shirt calling Johnson a racist then she would have known straight away that she would have to resign… before getting publicly humiliated and fired anyway.

      The fact that she and you believe and are spouting this nonsense back out again is clear how effective the lies, propaganda and smear campaign by the Zionist/Israeli racist, apartheid, genocidal establishment agenda has worked.


  4. Captain Pants

    Yes but that was 35 off years ago. He’s quite happy to call some of the most racist and violent people on earth his friends as long as they are non-Western though. Not to mention presiding over a party that has many genuinely hateful people in it (Salma Yaquoob et al)

    1. :-Joe

      You can’t make peace without negotiations… without talking to people… without treating both sides in a conflict as the same if you are trying to broker a deal.

      If or when ever he called someone controversial a friend it’s because one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. It just depends on what side of the conflict you are on and what you’re perspective is and what facts one side has that the other side does not.

      If a third party politician from britain publicly acknowledges a perceived enemy he elevates that person to another level of consciousness in the broader public debate. It give credibility to someone so they will at least be listened to properly and their grievences taken seriously, especially by a predominantly white western once-world colonnial power like britain who has an appetite for bombing “freedom-fighters” particularly if they are brown or muslim and from the middle east.

      You really need to brush up on social issues, world affairs, politics, geo-politics.. history etc. and stop getting your information from mainstream news and facederp notifications nailed on the side of underpants adverts.

      He cleared everyone out of the party that clearly were found to have made racist comments after an internal investigation. It literall just finished in the last couple of weeks yet surprise, surprise the mainstream bought-off or corrupt media still reports these idiotic claims as if they were yesterday.

      Educate yourself about the truth of how the media works against you… nobody else will because then you’ll become a nuiscance to the lies that are used to manipulate you…much like me.


    1. :-Joe

      Another eejit promoting lies and propaganda of racist, apartheid, genocidal Zionist Israel’s and also at the same time, the tory’s who they support with millions of pounds in lobby donations to ignore their crimes.

      Corbyn is not bought off and if elected, will cause all kinds of problems for their agenda.

      -For one thing, the BBC will have to start reporting without the bias of the Zionist/Israeli lobby in their ears and over them at every moment with all the corruption of the media that follows on from that…


  5. Royal M

    He’s not a classic racist, but does fetishize certain groups, particularly those he has been accused of being prejudiced against. He’s also very patronizing of those he claims to be defending. I’d imagine a few Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians took umbrage with his decision to attend a pro-Hezbollah rally in London organised by the Iranian regime. Sympathy for the Palestinian people and their cause is one thing, but making speeches surrounded by the flags of the (proscribed in the UK) military wing of Hezbollah is a special kind of stupid.

      1. f_lawless

        Except if you take a look the person’s twitter feed ( @_MissJune_ ), it’s completely devoid of anything relating to politics – only celebrity gossip and the occasional rant at different TV celebrities. No indication of any political leanings or political inclination whatsoever. Stop regurgitating nonsense.

  6. scottser

    bloke arrested for protesting against a racist regime now branded a racist to suit a celebrity’s agenda?
    another idiot votes for boris.

    1. some old queen

      Not Necessarily- ask yourself who came out of this looking good? Corybn.

      It could be just a clever way of pitching to the young and the black vote because her slogan doesn’t make sense- she knew people would dig up the original.

  7. :-Joe

    For anyone curious or confused about the facts on Anti-semitism and also Israel vs Palestine….

    Look up Norman Finkelstein’s scholarly analysis and histoical documentation work on these subjects, read his books and watch his full and recent reporting a few months ago particularly the video seris of the history of Israel vs Palestine to the present day published fully on and their YT channel for the first parts or a summary.


    The anti-semitism accusations at the british labour party are a smear campaign by the Israeli / Zionist establishment. It happened because Corbyn drove out all the Blairites from the party and then drove out all the Israeli Zionist lobbyists that are poisoning the british political landscape and media system from all sides for their own geo-political strategic interests and support for their apartheid genocide of the palestinians and their plans to take over more and more of other people’s land..

    It’s a complete fabrication and he’s dealt with it like a pro calling out all racism as being unacceptable in his recent election campaign. Referring to it as part of racism also diminishes the special weaponised propaganda status in the use of the term “anti-semitism” which has been abused by many for years.

    Watch this under-cover investigation into the whole story.

    It clearly shows the corruption and meddling by The Israeli Security services / The Israeli Embassy / Israeli Political Lobbyists / Think Tanks / Tory Supporters/Backers / Fake Campaign / Interest Groups / Media Propaganda.

    Also shows how common and pervasive lobbying is in politics.

    The Lobby – Al Jazeera Investigations
    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –
    Part 3 –
    Part 4 –

    you can also look up Peter Orban for Dispatches on the Israeli Lobbying connections for cash in the Tory party going back about a decade ago. Same rotten system.

    Corbyn is lucky to have survived it all and now looks like he will end austerity and take britain forward towards real positive and progressive change in the early 21st century
    -If you can be bothered to read or watch the presentation by him and John McDonald of their party manifesto.
    In particular their new Broadband plan. It’s truly inspirational.


      1. :-Joe

        You’re welcome, just pass it on in the interest of truth and fairness to everyone else you know.

        Watch the videos from Finkelstein summarising the history of the conflict from both sides. He’s a jewish professor and both his parents were in the concentration camps afaik..

        Corbyn, the people and democracy for the win.
        -Labour are going to win this one and end austerity etc.
        Watch Corbyn’s and John McDonnel’s broadband, economic plans and manifesto announcements…Truly progressive and inspiring.


          1. :-Joe

            I can’t believe how stupid you are and how easily your comment is to put down and out(or just ignore entirely)… but because it is such a devisive and sensitive issue and Norman Finkelstein deserves defending… here goes…

            For the record and benefit of anyone else reading this nonsense reply above from this braindead clown @Tea And Brexits….

            The link and comment you refer to :

            (Paragraph Titled “Controversies”)
            (Sub Heading Titled “Tenure and Controversies”)
            (2nd Paragraph)
            “Also in 2006 The Washington Post said “the ADL repeatedly accused” Finkelstein of being a “Holocaust denier” and that “These charges have proved baseless.” Finkelstein’s mother survived the Majdanek concentration camp, his father survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, and most of his family was murdered in the Holocaust.[58]”

            I’ll quote your own referemce back to you
            ” the ADL repeatedly accused” Finkelstein of being a “Holocaust denier” and that “These charges have proved baseless ”


            You’re a clueless idiot spouting more propaganda, lies and your actually trying to create another smear both on Norman Finkelstein and also on me along with Jeremy Corbyn(Nice company to be included in btw)

            For some strange reason, I wonder what that is?.. You don’t like the fact that along with Noam Chomsky(arguably the most intelligent living intellectual on the planet and who is also jewish btw) who defers to Norman Finkelstein as THE No.1 authority on the Israel and Palestine conflict) and both together are the greatest intellectual threats and critics of Israel who also happen to be jewish… in case I forgot to mention that not insignificant point….

            So, therefore they are deemed the least suceptible to smears(but not immune) of anti-semitism by nature of their heritage and race but also they are well capable of defending themselves by their status as trusted experts and their level of intellect and position of experience.

            The zionist Israel establishment and it’s many deluded or bought off supporters hate them because they are their biggest intellectual enemy and barrier to preventing all their corrupt actions being exposed.

            Just to remind you, Norman Finkelstein is a jewish professor and scholar on the subject of Israel and Palestine and he is one of the few Jews on the planet with the experience, knowledge and intellectual ability and also the proven authority to analyse and comment fairly and correctly on the facts.

            Both he and Chomsky believe Corbyn is not an anti-semite and endorse that he should be elected as PM as he is the best option for human rights in general and not just to help protect the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom from the racist, genocidal apartheid of Zionist Israel.

            The links and information I provided are as solid as can be.

            To @Shyte for brains
            I can’t wake you up and cure you of your ignorance if you’re only pretending to be asleep.

            If you’re not trolling then you’re just a pathetic, offensive, ignorant, apologist and brainwashed(if you had a braincell) tool of corruption, propaganda and lies.

            You’re not even worth responding to, your so clueless the propaganda smear campaign is living rent free in your head.

            Anyone else a complete idiot and want’s to have a go?….


          2. :-Joe

            @bisted.. Ye I agree 100%…

            … they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

            .. pretty soon other people won’t be able to spot the difference.

            The problem with intellegent people is they are full of doubt and that stupid people are full of confidence.

            Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

            Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity

            Anyway, I had to.. as stated above.. I’m sick of all the shyte around anti-semitism and all these clowns smearing everybody and probably without even realising it or the gravity of it half the time.

            Nevermind yet another blatent example of the sheer stupidity of it all directly above.


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