Behold: the DBX – Aston Martin’s first ever SUV – powered by the 4.0l, 542bhp V8, twin turbo Vantage engine, it’s the glass-roofed, leather-trimmed luxury bourgemobile you’ve been waiting for.

Unlikely to see any offroad action but a proper two-fingers to that puffed up little bastard at the golf club with his bloody Porsche Cayenne, roysh.

Yours for a reassuringly expensive €170,000.


8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Paulus

    So if it’s glass-roofed; use of the ejector-seat will convey the passenger through the glass ceiling?

  2. italia'90

    why go to all that trouble to copy Porsche and end up having it look like a Mazda?
    It’s just an over priced, posh, rebadged Merc ffs

    Now where’s that video of the new Brabus AMG G63 900hp V12 gone?

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