A Tree Grows In Dublin


Wellington Street Lower, Dublin 7, in 2009 (top) and yesterday (above)


Wellington Street Lower, Dublin 7.

Dublin Civic Trust tweetz:

What a difference a decade makes – contrast the same view in 2009.

Decent urban design elements here: quality brick, jazzy railed frontage, miraculously matured birch trees, matching tree guards, residential respect.

In fairness.

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18 thoughts on “A Tree Grows In Dublin

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Oh, no! Not evergreens, wrong for there. besides, there is an incredible beauty in the changing colours of the leaves as they move to winter – for example that lovely flash of gold in the picture above. A deciduous tree is a constant change of colour and form, and a wonder to see.

      And in the spring, as the leaves bud newly green, it gives a wonderful sense of burgeoning hope and rebirth! Gives one a sense of possibility in the depths of the winter. The leaves falling is a minor inconvenience for such beauty.

      Even when in the depths of winter it is a stark bare skeleton against the sky it offers a sense of future. It is dormant, sleeping, waiting to spring anew as the days finally turn towards the sun once more.

      I have a cherry blossom tree outside my house and face the same issues. Strangely enough, the falling of the leaves also helps you get to know your neighbours. Be out sweeping them up (and the fallen blossoms in spring, and it takes hours, not because of the leaves, but the conversations you have with everyone as they pass by.

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