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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Poor Kate O’Connell, forced to be treated like just another pleb in ED. I wonder where she took her sick child for treatment after hanging around for 7 hours in a public hospital?

    1. Bud Flanagan

      And a winter bed crisis ?
      Ireland has a daily hospital bed crisis with people sleeping on corridor trolleys in Third World conditions throughout the year.
      Where is the media covering this ? The Irish Times expends more column inches on the NHS than it does on conditions in hospitals a shirt distance from its office.
      Why aren’t politicians being held to account ? Where is the anger of the doctors and nurses on show ?

      1. Rob_G

        Irish papers write plenty about the problems with the Irish health service (which, by the way, is ranked higher than the NHS in the Lancet’s Healthcare Access and Quality Index).

        1. Dr.Fart

          you’re a FG TD aren’t you rob? You’re involved someway. The other day you said we don’t have a housing crisis, that it’s been handled well by government, and now you’re defending the clearly defunct health care system. These are not opinions, they are both in tatters for all to see, as a fact. So you defending what everyone else can see to be in bits, means you must be one of the very few who would defend them, someone in FG. come clean, what’s ur tie in here? Disgusting by the way, how people are dying because of your governments failures and you try to tell people its not bad, in fact its fine, so dont complain. not a lick of moral fiber between the lot of you.

          1. Cian

            Surely as a “doctor” you are well aware of what the HSE does.

            Or are you more “fart” and less “doctor”?

          2. Dr.Fart

            oh i know well. although i’m a private GP, I don’t work in a hospital, but I’m aware of how incredibley defunct they are, and I also remember you being on here before saying that we have a great healthcare system because some people actually get seen to when they’re admitted. You’re another “party uber alles” cretin who defends FG in the face of unbelievable failings. This ensures nothing you say has any credence, because opinion is removed from discourse once you defend something unconditionally because of personal interest.

  2. italia'90

    I hope her kid is ok,
    I’m sure she understands that the most serious emergencies are dealt with first

    There’s something not right about this story but she should clarify what options she had after leaving the ED and seeking medical attention for her kid

    I wonder has she been to every hospital in South America?
    Perhaps this might give her pause to think about her political ideology?
    I very much doubt it

    Perhaps a David Mitchell moment of reflection might help? ;)

    “Are We The Baddies?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK-kWRAVmRU

  3. some old queen

    Has there been any reason given for dropping the case against Al Porter? Anyone know what percentage of cases are dropped like this?

    One would assume that the DPP would have all their ducks in a row before proceeding in the first place- otherwise they are potentially leaving the state liable for damages. Also the whole anonymity thing is strange- was the alleged victim not making public statements about the incident?

    1. The Old Boy

      Yes – about 70 to 75 per cent of alleged cases of sexual offences are not pursued by the DPP. Reasons are never given beyond the bare statement that the Director did not think a prosecution had sufficient likelihood of success.

      All allegations of sexual offences are sent to the DPP by the Gardaí once the Garda investigation is complete. The DPP’s office is by nature quite cautious in what it pursues, balancing the public interest with its own tight budget and the limited resources of the courts. There isn’t really a question of state liability on the DPP’s part, as it is almost overwhelmingly difficult to make a case that the DPP engaged in a reckless prosecution.

      The right of anonymity for alleged victims of sexual offences is well established, but it doesn’t stop them from making voluntary public statements without necessarily waiving that right. Most media outlets err on the side of caution as they could find themselves criminally liable.

  4. Birdie

    To be fair to her, at least she isn’t pretending everything is great. Last month I was there about that length too with my wee one.

    I’m not a Fine Gael voter but there is no harm in them experiencing what the majority have to face, having said that I sincerely hope her child is better now. It’s a terrible hopeless feeling you have as a parent/ guardian / family / friend when you’re want to help an invalid but you get stuck in a system created by hyper capitalism which is by its very design is anti care and anti equality.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Normally TDs don’t have to face that kind of wait which is probably why it came as such a shock to her. I hope her child is alright, but after waiting 7 hours and flouncing without her child even being triaged, it seems more about the treatment of Ms O’Connell than her child.

      1. V

        Having been one of those Mammy’s
        More than once
        I can empathise with her reaction – as a Mammy

        But as a Politician, and a member of the Party of Government
        It smacks of someone totally out of touch with the reality for 100% of the electorate – aka like everyone else, in need of Children’s A & E

        or any A & E in fairness
        But a good few
        the few only Fine Gael give a sh1Tea about
        Can rock over to the Beacon or whatever to get stitched

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Al’s agent: “Not reeeeeeally what I meant when I said I want you to be more like Peter Kay….”

  5. Dr.Fart

    its mad that this is news to her. she must’ve heard the whole country lament the state of the HSE and just thought “well i don’t believe any of you” and had to literally experience it to see what it’s like

  6. Bud Flanagan

    I see Belfast Mayor John Finucane has ” apologised unreservedly ” for being caught by the rozzers urinating in the street.
    Such as shame he can’t do the same to the families of the victims killed by the IRA terrorists he counts as his friends and colleagues.

    1. bisted

      …I wonder if they were the same rozzers who were complicit in the murder of John’s father in front of him and the rest of his family…

      1. Bud Flanagan

        You mean St Pat ” member of the IRA ” Finucane ?
        You live by the sword you die by the sword.

        1. italia'90

          When was he a member of the IRA?

          I’m sure you also believe Rosemary Nelson was in the IRA too?


          Give yourself a good shake will ya or better still take your mindless drivel back over to the Journal or a BBC HYS about Brexit or Jezza – all the best limp winkys hang out there
          heh heh heh

  7. Bud Flanagan

    Standby for another outpouring of anger from the City of Entitlement over the clearing of manslaughter by the Rozzer in charge of the day of the Hillsborough tragedy.

    Heysel never gets a look in when these Scousers are full-on.

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