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  1. italia'90

    WIN! WIN! WIN!
    Are you ready to sit in Leinster House Lounge?
    Are you an overly ambitious poitical wannabe?
    Prove it!
    The councillor or senator who sends the most racist/islamaphobic/fascist tweets
    before GE2020 gets the following prize!

    You have been selected to run as a FFG candidate in your local constituency and
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    *T’s & C’s apply but not limited to €500 per day
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    1. some old queen

      The councillor or senator who sends the most racist/islamaphobic/fascist tweets…

      Isn’t the beauty of young angry lesbians a sight to behold?

  2. V

    Bed Blockers are a major problem and one of the biggest contributers to the Trolly Crisis

    Bed managers have tried everything to get beds released back – these discharge lounges have been a feature for well over a decade

    They allow vacant beds be turned around within hours

    1. martco

      well V

      on a side note, I’ll tell you something

      in my experience Bed Managers are a particular breed of sneaky manipulative risk-taking fuppers…at times you’d swear they’re working the queue stats in a callcentre as opposed to dealing with the care of very sick human beings. and I’ve seen all sorts of trickery…attempting to talk post-op & still drugged patients into going home the following morning after major surgery with no care plan is a particular favourite.

      last 15 years or so anyone in my own extended family unfortunate enough to be heading for an operating theatre gets the full rundown from me on how to deal with them when they turn up all smiley & obtuse at the foot of the bed

      this lark doesn’t surprise me in the slightest

      1. some old queen

        +1 on the no care plan.

        Sure my father would have been left at the exit door except he was still on morphine and offended the head nurse by calling her a fat heffer. In fairness she was curvy- more humps and bumps than driving from the top end of Cavan to the bottom end of Fermanagh.

    2. Brughahaha

      And by Bed-Blockers …you mean sick or elderly people who require community services which have been butchered by Governments …how dare they

      Gotta love Thatcherite double speak

    3. dav

      Hi V “bed blockers” is a fricking terrible term to describe the old, the sick and it is a pretty poor attempt in trying to dehumanise those people,

    4. V

      Hey lads
      I didn’t create the term

      That’s the term used in acute hospitals all over Ireland and in the NHS for people that are no longer in need of acute treatment, but are needing care, supervised recuperation, or long stay convalescence

      It was Professor Drumm that tried to drive PCCC (P Treble C being the technical lingo) care into the communities, and the politicians aggravated by local Hospital Activists weren’t having a bit of it.

      All they saw was a HSE attempt to devolve and wind down the regional Hospital network, from Community / Cottage Hospitals, and Local Generals to Centres of Excellence/ University Hospitals

      And not the creation and development of a PtrebleC Healtcare Framework

      Now that there are a few on the go, ie, Wicklow Town, larger towns and districts are cribbing that they haven’t one

      Community care beds, nursing home beds, palliative care beds, day care centres, dressings clinics, community nursing will all take the pressure off the acute hospitals

      But they aren’t headline enough I suppose

      And I’m open to correction here, but Rosin Shortall was a former Jr Health Minister and would know the principal cause of patients on Trolleys would be issue of lapse between patients ready to be discharged and actual discharge, to allow the bed be turned around.

      I’m surprised she was never aware of the role of Bed managers and the efforts they go to to get Medical Staff to be more assertive with discharges; so its a bit hard for me to appreciate @mickcaul ‘s tweet.
      Employees are offered all sorts of inducements, why is this so funny? Making a special effort to get beds turned around is a skit?

      If anything its a mirror of the disconnect between what really goes on at operational level in a Hospital and what Politicians think how it should be run.

      Open to correction again, but I seem to remember a time when Bed managers would report into the HSE a few times a day, which would be collated and combined and then reported into the Department. So a Minister at any level in the Dept would receive those bulletins
      I’d say millions has been spent on Discharge Lounges – and clearly they’re not being used to their best capacity, equally disappointing is that our Politicians don’t have a clue.

      Maybe they need another Consultants report to tell them what is already in front of their noses.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    If people in beds are healthy enough to be discharged then shouldn’t they be the ones to occupy trollies and chairs and the people in the EDs who need to be admitted take the beds?

  4. paul

    the tweeter doesn’t seem to understand what a Discharge Lounge is and it’s role in a modern hospital.

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