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  1. Tea And Brexits

    Melania rocking it again. Whatever about her choice of husband and politics, she can send some message with that wardrobe.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      And it’s really not very good at all.. that’s a ridiculous outfit.. the whole thing is ridiculous, meanwhile, as the UK election limps along it is in for the most incredible shock over the next 10 years.. I can see the EU having to approve food aim from Ireland before this is all over.

    2. V

      She certainly made a magnificent entrance
      In fairness

      I’m not sure about the colour pairing myself
      They wouldn’t be for me

      I did fancy a similar cut coat meself
      Tried it on n’ all
      But t’was all a bit too Mary Poppins

    3. Fearganainm

      A matter of perspective, I suppose. I thought that she was auditioning for the role of Mothwoman

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Surprise surprise. Two ‘ex’ FG TDs support FG. One a convicted criminal, the other a patsy for the broadband gift to Dilly.
    And just to cement FGs penchant for racism, Noel Grealish. Pathschal’s letter can’t have been too questioning, but more begging.

    The Grand Old Duke of Cork
    He found two extra men
    He marched them up to the plinth of the house
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were up they were up
    And when they were down they were down
    And when they abstained they were half way up
    And were neither up nor down.

    Next no confidence motion will be for the Boy Harris.

  3. some old queen

    The right say this housing crisis is because of immigration and the left say it is because of the government’s inability and /or unwillingness to build more homes- they are both correct. The figures speak for themselves- without a major ramp up in services, the amount of new people is not sustainable. But, also- the abysmal failure of this government to tackle the housing issue is at best, incompetence.

    It think it is time to dispel this myth that immigration is solely a far right concern- it is not. The right focuses on cultural changes- Islam, ghettos etc- but it is also a left wing issue too. Immigration forces down wages and lowers employment conditions and anyone who says otherwise is talking out of their hole.

    This is the core reason why people like Corybn are so anti EU, because it is not the free movement of people- it is the free movement of labour and yet, not a peep from the left here. They are too busy screaming ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobe’ to even be bothered even looking at why some employers prefer immigrants- they are cheaper and will endure exploitative working conditions, if illegal- all the better.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      It is not racist to wish to have control over your borders and decide on the level and quality of immigrants you wish to allow into your country.
      If that was the case virtually every country in the world outside the EU is racist.
      It is also sensible.
      As the current housing and homeless crisis shows if you don’t know how many people will be arriving in your country in the coming years how do you plan accordingly – you can’t magic up schools,hospitals,GPs and new housing instantly.It has to be planned.
      It is only a matter of time before Ireland wakes up to discover the fundamental changes occuring in its society by stealth and Irexit will become a serious political issue.

      1. some old queen

        Fair point but I am fast developing an intense dislike for this labelling nonsense is all- it is a silencing mechanism.

        Let’s consider what ‘right wing’ means. The only time I have ever hear the MSM use it is relation to opposition to proposed direct provision centres. When was the last time you heard IT/Indo/ RTÉ etc. describe this government as ‘right wing’? They may be socially liberal but economically- they are Thatcherites to the core and as last night proved, FF are not far behind them.

    2. bisted

      …so that explains why you were at pains to point out that your Brazilian friend was an ‘illegal’ when you shared the details of your transaction with him last week…

    3. Nigel

      Are you out of your mind? They are not ‘both correct.’ Immigrants suffer from the lack of housing the same way citizens do, the lack of housing and astronomical rents are the cause of both, and the root cause is government inaction, far more due to ideology and financial interests than incompetence, though it’s not either/or.

      And for all your whining about your genuine concerns, you’re more worried about being called names by the left than by the fact that the far right now pretty much own the anti-immigration platform and people with ‘genuine concerns’ are too timid to try and take it back from them.

      1. Nigel

        One funny thing is that nobody complains that right wing scrotes are so adamantly opposed to the free movement of goods and labour, a key ideal of capitalism, such as represented by, say, the tarrif-free open borders within the EU. People on the left love it because of the personal freedom it afforded. Right wing scrotes seem to hate it for roughly the same reason.That’s why Corbyn’s preo-Brexit stance alienates so many. it’s strictly ideological and ignores the fact that it’s inarguably beneficial.

      2. Farmer Zed

        Look at Nigers back to police the comment section: “You’re confused”, “You don’t mean that”, “Yyou mean this other thing I’ve been told to say too!!!”

        ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – organised, funded and defended by the NGO sector – and the government’s slobbering pandering to this GLOBO agenda – is what’s destroying the normal housing market for Irish people in their homeland.

        According to Nigers and his fellow travelers in the anti-Irish-league-of-loser-bots defending yyour neighbours and fellow Irish people when we could be surrendering to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is WAYCIST!!!

        1. Nigel

          Illegal immigration is in no way shape or form destroying the normal housing market. When was the last time we even had a ‘normal’ housing market in this country, whatever the hell that is?

          1. Farmer Zed

            So giving away houses in Ireland to people who are not from Ireland while leaving Irish people homeless on the streets is something you’re ok with?

            If so that makes you WAYCIST against Irish people.

            Where are you from Nigers? Are you a living, breathing Irishman? Or are you some fictional GLOBO entity here to limit the discussion to what your puppet masters deem acceptable discourse?

          2. Bud Flanagan

            In Nigel’s narrow world of kinder,gentler politics left-wing people have ” genuine concerns ” about immigration whereas right-wing people who share those concerns are ” scrotes .”
            Back to the barricades for Citizen Nigel.

      3. some old queen

        Nigel- immigration IS a factor- homes do not materialise out of thin air- the same stock but more people is basic supply and demand.

        And no, left wing does not ‘love’ the free movement of labour- it is as you say, a right wing capitalist philosophy- people are a commodity to be moved from A to B with communities and in some cases entire regions left decimated. How in God’s name could the real left support that?

        1. Farmer Zed

          And yet the lefty-socialist-NGOs are the ones screaming loudest about muh-migration, muh-direct-provision and – of course – muh-WAYCISM.

        2. Nigel

          It’s a factor, but NOT a cause. The right want the freedom to move people, not to give people the freedom to move. We can blame migrants for low wages and poor employment protections rather than predatory capitalism if you like but again I think you’re going at a symptom not a cause.

          1. some old queen

            Follow the money Nigel- who is making money from illegal immigration? The smugglers, the solicitors, the hotel owners, the landlords, the ‘advocacy’ groups and the employers- probably a few more too I have missed. Most countries repatriate such because otherwise, the entire asylum and appeals process becomes a waste of time- why not here?

            Immigration- including Europeans- does not improve the lives of most Irish people but it most certainly has a detrimental impact. My original point was that immigration concerns are as much a left as right wing issue- you have said nothing to convince me otherwise.

  4. Bud Flanagan

    Goodbye Kamala Harris – you rose without trace and now start a domino effect of Democrat no-hopers dropping out of a race with no clear front-runners to take on Trump next year.
    The Party should have had a young, dynamic, telegenic and preferably female candidate in place by now.
    Instead the Democrats have wasted four years in claiming crooked Hillary should have won, then the ludicrous Russian interference excuse and now a doomed impeachment attempt.
    Trump has been campaigning since the day he was elected.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You’re now officially promoted from being French to being more Irish than the Irish themselves. That phrase was the last test. Congrats Janet!

  5. Bud Flanagan

    The son of Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, has been arrested for biting a police officer on Whitehall on Friday. He was charged in Westminster magistrates court yesterday. Cambridge-educated James was bailed over to appear in Central London magistrates court in February.

    The incident happened outside the Foreign Office from where he was sacked from his Rome Embassy job in June.

    ” Cambridge-educated.”


    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Wow that’s utterly fascinating. Really looking forward to your next comment.

      Copy and paste is SO much fun, isn’t it? And it takes away any need for critical thinking of any kind!

      Makes me miss eoin. Almost.

          1. Bud Flanagan

            Jaysus BB.
            Your contemporary Dom Cummings is mixing with world leaders at the Nato summit and you’re making knob jokes on an obscure Irish website.
            When exactly did your career take a dive ?

          2. Bud Flanagan

            Things took a turn for the better when I tired of six figures salaries and bonuses and all the stress that entailed.
            I joined the priesthood.

        1. Bud Flanagan

          Who was that barmpot who posted daily for several years that the backstop would never be abandoned and Brexit will never happen ?
          Halcyon days of prime muppetry.

          1. bisted

            …not sure I ever defended the backstop but I’ve long (and often) speculated that Brexit would never happen…I hadn’t reckoned on Boris and his familiar, Mr Cummings…looks like he may just implement the democratic wishes of the UK electorate…and he seems to have set the scene for a no deal exit a year later…now where did I leave that popcorn, sick of fudge anyway,..

          2. Papi

            “You weren’t the barmpot I was think of.
            For a start you post in coherent sentences …”

            Read that again, Charger, like a good boy.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            Rotide! I miss you, my dear sweet contrarian. The snark these days is JUST NOT THE SAME.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it’s nice to see you back too Milly ( and Ro )
            it’s been very swinging Mickeys around here

          3. millie vanilly strikes again

            Oh I bet they have. You vs the Patriarchy, and winning too, I have no doubt ;)

  6. class wario

    *dress like a bruised banana*

    right wing media sycophants: The first lady of fashion has done it again!

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          poor thunderbirds, downtrodden, discriminated against minority,
          they freak me out those weird puppets …:)

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