Any Vixen About?




Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Rachel Elliman photographed this black fox which wandered into One Kinda Folk café in the courtyard of Yoga Dublin in Dartmouth Road.

They write:

“We are huge animal lovers here at One Kinda Folk and are absolutely buzzing after this very rare beauty decided to come by for a coffee… Anyone know anything about Black foxes? The most beautiful boy we’ve ever seen!”

Further to this, Colm Walsh writez:

“The colouration is a neotenic trait — retaining juvenile characteristics — associated with tameness and friendliness.

A lot of the Novosibirsk foxes are black, silver, or even spotted or piebald, and have floppier ears and waggier tails.

Paolo Viscardi of the Dead Zoo thinks it’s more likely that it is a domesticated fox (descended from the Novosibirsk foxes) that was being kept as a pet and escaped or was released.”


Adorable black fox pays a visit to Dublin cafe and delights locals (Emma Costello,

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6 thoughts on “Any Vixen About?

  1. Ben Redmond

    I have seen black squirrels in Northern China in winter, but black vixen in Dublin 6 is a bit exotic.

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