How’s It Hanging?


From top: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail today; General Election poll tracker

This afternoon.

As Britain goes to the polls tomorrow….

The latest opinion polling average for the general election shows the Labour Party struggling to catch up to the Conservative Party, though a new forecast on Tuesday night suggested a hung parliament could still be on the cards.


General election polls: Tory lead cut as race enters final hours (Daily Telegraph)

Who is winning the race for 10 Downing Street? (The Economist)

16 thoughts on “How’s It Hanging?

  1. Cian

    Anyone know what percentage are “don’t knows”? The polls on yougov exclude the “don’t knows” to get the percentages…

    1. The Old Boy

      The Lib Dems thought the problem was that their leader was little recognised by the public. It quickly became apparent that, on seeing Swinson speak, she was recognised with devastating and visceral immediacy as a sort of ghoulish stock British type. Everyone feels that they’ve seen her in Sainsbury’s, superciliously berating a put-upon member of staff while her snot-nosed brats pull multi-packs of crisps off the shelves.

  2. jeremy kyle

    “Get Brexit Done” sounds perfectly on brand for Boris.

    Crumpled up in a ball and rammed through your letterbox.

    1. Dav

      I misread that as cram his balls through the letterbox, which in fairness is not beyond borris at the moment

      1. Paul

        More that the serious negatives of Brexit were laid out much clearer and they doubled down regardless. Hearing interviews with business owners who voted for Brexit lamenting that they were going to go out of business but not regretting their vote.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Pretty much. He’s blown it. 1 – needed to deal with the anti Semitic accusations more forthrightly and 2 – needed to get off the damn fence on Brexit one way or another. He’ll be sent to the back benches in a few weeks.

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