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  1. Tea And Brexits

    Cannot wait to read how the Guardian spins this complete disaster by Corbyn and comrades (not to mention the paper’s own role).

    Oh, right. It was the weather:


    He had tried to revive memories of the spontaneous outdoor rallies that had drawn huge crowds in 2017, but this time the weather was against him. It’s hard to feel the love when either the rain is tipping down or the temperature is near freezing.

    1. f_lawless

      Ah bless, imagine in the year 2019 still thinking the Guardian had somehow been aligned with or supportive of a Corbyn-led Labour Party.

    2. Bud Flanagan

      The roll call of shame.
      All MPs elected on a promise of delivering Brexit at the last election but then jumped ship to other parties and refused to stand down have been booted out by the electorate this time.
      What a bunch of snivelling cowards.
      Especially that oily creep Umunna.
      Voters don’t take kindly to double-crossing turncoats.

      Angela Smith
      Chuka Umunna
      Phillip Lee
      Luciana Berger
      Sarah Wollaston
      Antoinette Sandbach
      Sam Gyimah
      David Gauke
      Dominic Grieve
      Anne Milton
      Chris Williamson (Lost deposit)
      Ivan Lewis (Lost deposit)
      Gavin Shuker
      Roger Godsiff
      Anna Soubry
      Mike Gapes
      Chris Leslie

        1. :-Joe

          lol… Good stuff. One less ding-bat moral extremist idealogue floating around muddying the waters for personal vanity and financial gain.


      1. :-Joe

        “Double crossing turncoats” and also racist basterds are literally the bywords for factually proven repeated and always expected tory behaviour in politics against the good of wider society for the past century.

        The lib dems are a complete joke but they proved very useful to the original main party of most of their members’ and the real masters of flagrant corruption. – The tory scumbag party(In case you were confused about reality, yet again)


        1. Bud Flanagan

          I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.
          Have you been at the cooking sherry dearie ?

          1. :-Joe

            Most of the Lib Dems are/were Tory’s and still support them.

            Calling them out for being traitors to the tories when they helped them more than anyone could have predicted is completely idiotic.

            i.e You’re still an eejit.


      1. :-Joe

        The Atlantic… hahahahaaaaa

        Just read the headline and save yourself wasting time with lies and propaganda from a pro establishment us democrat clinton controlled, pro zionist apartheid genocide Israel rag for idiots who should know better.

        “It’s Boris Johnson’s Britain Now

        His impact in a short period of time has been revolutionary, and his resounding victory means he can remake the country.”

        – It will never be “his britain”. 80% of Scotland voted for independance and statistically 52%+ of uk voters wanted to stop brexit and remain despite 52% originally voting for brexit based on the lies perpetrated by the tory’s that started the whole mess off in the first place..

        – His impact was not in a short space of time and it was not revolutionary, he has been prominent in the tory scumbag party for decades, writing lies about the EU for the torygraph, mayor of london, foreign minister, campaiging for brexit in 2016 on a manifesto of lies and treachary designed to manipulate and anger the electorate. People voted for him because they are sick of brexit and the alternative helped along by the usual billionaire owned media manipulation and smear campaigns of tory establishment for the 1% supporters and financiers.

        No wonder Fud Blahblahblahonandonandonagain is so deluded…. repeating nonsense propaganda for free from completely unreliable sources with inherent biases and a history of being untrustworthy for objective analysis or even giving a fair and balanced opinion on politics.


    3. :-Joe

      So, you’re still a first class eejit, shame but there still is time…

      I wouldn’t be too optimistic though if I had to be honest and completely transparent about my opinion of you based on your comments.


  2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Labour wanted this election, they repeatedly asked for it.

    The Jew hating, terrorist sympathising Communist got his answer.

    1. shayna

      The Eton educated, misogynistic, dead pig head donning fool is #1. I voted today in the North (of Ireland) – I’m weeping – my vote, it seems doesn’t make a difference.

          1. shayna

            Did I just assume? No! I know people who went to Eton – they are entitled types. Really shambolic A levels, but they got in to Oxbridge. My kid sister got 4 As at A Level – got accepted to TCD, before she sat her exams- she went to QUB. My kid sister then got a phone call from me, her First in Law and French afforded her to work for Majestic Wine – I told her my friend, ex-Eton -type was marrying an Honorable – she supplied 20 grand worth of booze for the wedding. All of the Eton types turned up. Manfred Mann reformed to play at the wedding, the bride’s father ,Lord such and such who had a certain affinity towards me – he was an old Etonian – he had no idea about Ireland and had no interest in it. He still sits in The House of Lords. I know Etonians!

          2. Rob_G

            It’s kind of silly and childish bringing up where a person went to school several decades ago, which presumably they had no role in picking, into an argument.

            … particularly in this case, as Corbyn was also educated in private schools (maybe not as prestigious as Eton, but still).

      1. Andrew

        Labour’s problem is that it is also run by privately educated individuals like McDonnell, Milne and Corbyn. They look down on poor people, that need handouts rather than a hand up. It’s hard to believe they thought selling tired and failed socialist policies would work. Thankfully ther’es enough people in Britain that can make their own minds up.

    2. :-Joe

      Deluded brainwashed eejit’s everywhere today out in full force gloating out a release of anger created by billionaire owned media propaganda to support the establishment for the 1%.


      A. K. A. The average sun / star / tabloid only reader who, regardless of literacy or intellect, feels obliged to just repeat what they read or hear without questioning anything…

      Your mind isn’t your own, eejits and all this madness is down to you as much as anything else.


  3. Tea And Brexits

    Cannot wait to read how the Guardian spins this complete disaster by Corbyn and comrades.

    Oh, right it was the weather:


    He had tried to revive memories of the spontaneous outdoor rallies that had drawn huge crowds in 2017, but this time the weather was against him. It’s hard to feel the love when either the rain is tipping down or the temperature is near freezing.

    1. Clampers Outside

      I liked this bit on Corbyn… “though his supporters were still loyal”.

      Worst Labour performance since 1935 apparently, and The Guardian thinks “still loyal”.

      Wahahahaha ffs

          1. Brother Barnabas

            a decade of chronic wealth inequality – but if you’re in the cohort that stands to gain from that, its perhaps something to celebrate

            not nice but… does charger care? does he fupp

          2. Bud Flanagan

            Actually it was Jezza’s Back to the Future plans which went down like a cup of cold sick with Labour voters.
            This Boris triumph and the imminent Brexit will unleash huge amounts of investment that has been held back.
            And Britain’s economy – which has performed better than Germany’s since the referendum – will power ahead and continue to provide near record low unemployment and rising wages.
            Sterling climbing and the City happy with the result.
            We’re open for business baby …

        1. :-Joe

          The problem was not his manifesto of investing in public services to take britain back to a level that would but them just behind the current system in France and Germany.

          Again your just spouting the “back to the future” sloganeering propaganda by the establishment for the 1% and the billionaire owned media apparatus.



    1. GiggidyGoo

      Well called – though you were a bit out as regards the majority. It was twice your maximum estimation.
      Interesting tunes ahead.

      1. Bud Flanagan

        The outcome was never in doubt if you got your news from sources other than the Irish media which once again failed to accurately report on events, preferring instead to push a Brit-bashing agenda.
        On Brexit they never attempted to guage the anger of people who watched entitled parliamentarians spend three years blocking the referendum and telling them they were thick and didn’t know what they were voting for. They do now.
        They entirely failed to notice Labour’s Red Wall crumbling instead slavishly Ignoring the issues of anti-Semitism and IRA-loving Corbyn’s lack of patriotism which made him toxic on the doorstep.
        The Irish Times’ battalion of Brexit-bashers like Fintan O’Toole, Denis Staunton and Chris Johns’ credentials as intelligent and independent observers lie in tatters.
        Ireland deserves better than these hacks.

        1. Nigel

          Fintan O’Toole is pretty much generally spot-on in his analysis of Brexit. This election victory doesn’t change its nature, nor the nature of its proponents. As one tiny little data point, you yourself have reinforced his analysis every time you post.

          1. Bud Flanagan

            This would be the Fintan O’Toole who predicted a recession in the UK after the referendum and that Boris would never re-negotiate the Withdrawal Agreement.
            And that Brexit would never happen.
            He has been consistently wrong on Brexit from the very beginning.
            As he was consistently wrong throughout the whole banking crisis.
            Why this spoofer gets any yardage is beyond me – fortunately only The Guardian and New York Times fall for it.

          2. Nigel

            Yeah, that guy. Post referendum UK politics turned into an unpredictable chaotic mess. Anyone who trusted predictions wasn’t paying attention, but it’s journalist’s job to make sense of the senseless. It’s not the predictions I’m going by. He’s right about this: Brexit is rotten at its core. The majority the Cons won might ameliorate the effects if Johnson’s not beholden to the DUP or the ERG and desperately wants to be liked. We’ll see.

          3. Clampers Outside

            No one will know if he’s been ‘spot on’ until it is done, in fairness.
            Unless you mean by ‘spot on’ that you agree with all he has said, which is something completely different.

          4. Andrew

            “Fintan O’Toole is pretty much generally spot-on in his analysis of Brexit.”

            You’re as deluded as Fintan is.
            O’Toole has embarrassed himself time and again with what are essentially daily rants, sneering at people for voting the ‘wrong’ way.

        2. :-Joe

          Simplified inaccurate analysis copied and pasted from the mainstream knee JERK reaction without even processing it or questioning anything before spouting it back out somewhere else verbatim.

          Typical of a deluded first class eejit with more arrogance than intelligence. A 100 to 1 majority in your delusional psyche.

          Hahaha… ring-leader of the broadsheet eejit’s.


  4. shayna

    5 years of Tories, Brexit – hard border, ultimately it will impact on people in ROI. Smugness will disappear. I’ve been okay so far going to Bundoran in my van with my surf board atop my roof. I’m terrible at it. I think I’m a tad gangly on it – I saw the paddle boarding guy with his dog from Kerry – I did that in Portugal, sans dog – my hands were burnt purple – the sun. Anyhoos Ireland will be a different place post this election. My van with North of Ireland plates will be subject to taxes -Yikes! Oh, apart from all the other things…

      1. shayna

        Or, I could sell my van for @£700, rent a crying chair in Dublin for a week, walk into the Irish Sea and see what happens, I’ll have my surf board – that’s not included in the deal.

    1. ReproBertie

      What makes you think there’ll be a hard border? The teaboy Taoiseach now has the majority he needs to force through his WA and stick the border in the Irish Sea.

        1. ReproBertie

          To realise what? That the teaboy Taoiseach came back with a worse deal than May and duped the UK electorate into thinking it’s a good thing?

          Get Done indeed.

          1. ReproBertie

            You might recall the past 3 years where I’ve been saying the border would be in the Irish Sea. That was the original Backstop (before May extended it to the entire UK) so, yes, there is it enshrined in the teaboy’s deal.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            The backstop doesn’t exist. It never did. May’s proposed WA didn’t exist. Johnston’s WA exists (at the moment anyway, but somehow I think with the majority he has, he will be back for some renegotiation after January next)

          3. ReproBertie

            Ah Giggidy, you say May’s WA didn’t exist because the UK Dáil never voted for it but now you say that the teaboy’s WA exists even though the UK Dáil hasn’t voted for it. By your own standards either they both exist or neither does.

            If, and I see no reason for them not to, the UK leave on January 31st then the WA is done. He can’t renegotiate the WA after they leave. After that the future relationship and trade negotiations start.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            What I’ve written is correct.
            Boris’ WA, because of his majority now, exists.
            As for any renegotiation, well Boris has form in doing one thing to get his way, then turning that on its head once he does. If you think that Boris is going to keep to any agreement that doesn’t include all of his demands, I think you’re mistaken. His byline in this campaign was Get Brexit Done. He will do that at then end of January. His next mantra will be ‘Renegotiate items in the WA’

          5. ReproBertie

            LOL! This one exists because, even though it currently has the exact same legal standing as May’s, you believe it will be passed. Your internal leaps of logic never cease to amuse me.

            Anyway, bottom line is a border in the Irish Sea and EU customs checks on goods coming from GB to the island of Ireland. Or, to put it another way, the arrangement formerly known as the Backstop.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            Poor Repro. Leo and Teresa’s proposed backstop never existed. And still, it doesn’t exist.
            Boris’ WA does exist. The exit date is at the end of january. However that WA is only as good as his word – which isn’t dependable, and the contents of it will be chipped away at over the coming year.
            You need to concentrate.

  5. some old queen

    I suspect this result is more a dislike of Corybn than a love of Johnson but still, same result- turkeys Christmas.

    Question is- will he continue with current deal or go back and try to renegotiate? If as a lot of people suspect- the real goal is to crash out- I don’t think there is much to be celebrating on any side.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      Crashing out ? Re-negotiate ?
      Where have you been the last 100 or so days.
      He’s already re-negotiated a deal which everyone said couldn’t be done.
      Just accept the fact you were completely wrong in your predictions.

      1. some old queen

        YES I was wrong because I genuinely hoped it would not happen- not necessarily because of Brexit but because the cuts imposed on the poor and most vulnerable have been callous beyond belief and now- more to come.

        There is apparently resentment in the Tories about the Irish border so whether English nationalism trumps British nationalism remains to be seen- it probably will.

        1. Nigel

          Things are going to get even grimmer for a lot of people in the UK, but nobody particularly rich or important, so that’s ok. Can’t see a Con government being bothered much by climate change, either, except as another source of loopholes and tax breaks for the rich.

          Mind you, those who think climate activists and Green Parties are stalking horses for neoliberal carbon taxes will… keep thinking that as right wingers squeeze the 90% with austerity and do nothing about climate change!

  6. some old queen

    On a brighter note- not a good night for the DUP- Nigel Dodds loses his seat to John Finucane of SF AND Stephen Farry of Alliance wins North Down.

    Reap what you sow etc.

    1. V

      More like a Highland Swing tbh

      Although somehow I reckon we’ll see a Border Poll before Nicola gets another lash at an Independence one for her crowd

      Oh and Tiocfidh
      Hon’ John F
      Probably the bravest Candidate in all the races yesterday
      Imagine attempting to oust Dodds and risk the effer smirking away at him – and us, with a paper thin win

      1. some old queen

        Dunno V- SF knew they were going to poll well with John and even a close second would have been progress in their eyes. I wonder would he have made it if SDLP did not stand down?

        Hanna stormed home of course which is the other side of that deal- expect more of this sort of thing I think.

        1. V

          Shur’ none of it matters now

          And as long as he’s still Lord Mayor for my thing up thur’ in April all the better

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    LibDem’s failing was that their leader wanted to be PM and sat solely in the Revoke camp. Labour’s was that theirs did not, and sat on the fence.
    All eyes on the Scots. I think Sturgeon is a terrific leader and will get this 2nd Ref over the line.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      What 2nd referendum ?
      It’s entirely in Boris’ hands whether he offers one and with such a huge majority why should he ?
      Jimmy Krankie can bang on about it till she’s red in the face but there’s absolutely nothing she can do.
      Welcome to the new world of Boris.
      Time for us to butter our parsnips.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Nicola Sturgeon has just secured an overwhelming mandate to procure a Second Independence Referendum for Scotland.

        No worries Bud for the oversight, I guess you’re so caught up with the Tory back-slapping and bombast that you haven’t finished reading your Daily newspaper and the significant wins elsewhere in Britain. Fantastic news for Northern nationalists too over here.

        1. Bud Flanagan

          What oversight ?
          Perhaps you might care to elaborate how Sturgeon goes about ” procuring ” this second referendum.
          If she didn’t manage to do it when the Tories didn’t have an overall majority how do you suppose she’s going to do it now ?
          And it doesn’t really matter how many seats you win in NI if you refuse to take your seat in Parliament.
          You really don’t have much of a clue how things work do you?

        2. Cian

          It would be interesting if Nicola Sturgeon pushes a debate in Westminster about the pros/cons of Scotland leaving the UK before they have discussion about the pros/cons of the UK leaving the EU.

          It would be nice to see the mental gymnastics that try to argue that Brexit is good, but a Scoxit is bad.

  8. GiggidyGoo

    I take it that Mickey Martin has drafted his letter of cancellation of the Confidence and Supply arrangement and once passed by his spellchecker, it’ll be winging its way to the Boy Varadkar. No excuses now Mickey!
    (Maybe ‘The Assembly” in NI will give him another out – after all we can’t be having an election down south when there are important Northern issues can we?)

    1. GiggidyGoo

      And true to form, Varadkar lobs in the ‘Assembly’ as an excuse for prolonging his time in office. (in an elongated news item on RTE News this evening). I might change my name to Isiah.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      His work is done.
      The unsung hero of this election.
      Pulled his candidates from Tory seats in the south and hoovered up Labour voterss in the North who would never vote Tory.
      I expect him to be earning serious moolah with his media career, particularly on Fox in the upcoming POTOUS election.
      And he’ll have a generous pension entitlement from his long and illustrious career in Brussels.
      He should have a gong of course but he won’t get one.
      The man who caused Brexit to happen and helped deliver it.
      What a great Briton he is.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I think I speak for all of us when I say that, formally or not he’ll be Sir Nige if not Grand Master, Defender of the Faith, Sovereign of the Most Noble Order of the House of Disarray, whom may God preserve and bless with long life, health and honour and all worldly happiness

    2. :-Joe

      Ye he’s still a poxy eejit much like Fud Blahblahonandonagain..

      The only difference is, even he is not willing to try and gloat anywhere near as much and to be fair, he is capable of understanding politics and engineering an outcome to suit his deluded spineless and treacherous agenda.

      Unlike Fud Blahnagan, who is just your plain and simple, average deluded eejit of the slave-master, establishment propaganda fed and lapped up by the tribalised narrow-mindless masses kind.

      AFAIK he’s off to ‘murica to work as a warm up act for trumps future propaganda rallys..

      I kid you not…


        1. :-Joe

          Fud blah blah duh duh duh duh derp derp….

          No thanks, I don’t argue with eejit’s and especially eejit’s who are actually algorithm bots and not in control of their own minds being incapable of original ideas and unique individual thoughts.

          Fud blah blah, derp derp…


  9. :-Joe

    Brexit / Leave.eu and the dominic cummins psycotic idealoge agenda against the political class and his band of merry digital manipulators will soon to be shown as having had a great effect over voter opinions ongoing since 2016.

    In particular how it helped to demonise Corbyn more and more reinforcing the lies and smears and sheer idiocy of accusing him of anti-semitism, terrorist sympathiser and communist trotsky-ite in the face of tory lies and corruption alongside the billionaire owned media who have been consistently pushing the same for decades together with the lobbying by wealthy supporters and big business.

    Corbyn never really had a chance, even before you consider the corrupt first past the post system, the endless tory lies and subversion tactics, the effect of the completely idiotic and spineless lib dems, the mainstream media bias and manipulation, the digital and social media targeting and on and on and on…

    I could write a whole analysis and opinion piece about 100 screen pages long but the bottom line is the higher echelons of the establishment of politics, banking and global finace and corporate interests have reestablised their dominance over british society for the third industrial revoloution.

    Politics truly is nothing more than a populist reality game show run by an oligarchy and monopoly of power that no longer even cares who get’s elected as long as they don’t get in the way and the chosen candidate plays by their rules that ultimately only benefits them and by a huge majority takes the most for the tiniest minority.

    The legacy of 3rd generation coal miner family’s voteing for neo-thatcherism.. It’s a completely unnatural outcome and it was not caused by any number of accidental events or random cause and effect and connot be levelled solely at the feet of Corbyn and his leadership.

    Let the corrupt deregulated corrupt financial sector dream of Singapore on Thames isolate england and break up the union and we’ll all be laughing at them in a few years when half the country start a brain drain and have emigrated to the EU(Ireland, Scotland and possibly Wales) or elsewhere as soon as possible or they eventually apply to rejoin which is a very likely outcome sooner than later.

    Insanity by and for the 1%


      1. :-Joe

        lol.. ye.. Claims of Russian interference is beyond total nonsense… A distraction and fear mongering tool for the masses.

        Every powerful state is meddling with each other and in every other country all the time… It’s called state security services and foreign policy.

        Interesting bit of history tho… Putin the modern leader(dictator) was effectively created by the US run NATO alliance after betraying the post cold-war(which has never ended) agreement with Gorbachev for the military bases to stay within the border of east Germany or behind in Europe and then refusing to allow Russia to join NATO as an ally.


        How easily history could have been different and how it currently is completely different when looked at from the opposite or even any other perspective.

        Crazy basturd from a culture with a crazy level of corruption embedded in their dna.


        1. italia'90

          hah they call it a “fixer” fee over there
          We call it a “consultancy” fee here ;)

          iirc the Clintons were very good friends with the Russians back in the day
          Bill organised a bail out of their economy when it crashed mid 90’s
          Then Putin came to power and stopped repaying the loans

          Bill is still good friends apparently, $500k speeches at the Kremlin bank aren’t easy to get these days :)

          1. :-Joe

            Ye, one minute she’s calling everyone and anyone who criticises her pathetic failed political career a russian bot that’s being remotely controlled by Putin.

            Meanwhile, he’s getting pee’d on in the Kremlin’s honeymoon suite with a half million appearance fee…

            Some life it must be in the clinton family… and with all that nutty foundation dealings of theirs being involved in everything with a dolla’ bill going their way.

            Regime change illegal wars, mass murders, paedophile islands.. endless nefarious criminal dealings..

            It’s an alternative universe most of us can only dream about…


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