If you follow the HBO series ‘Succession’, you’ll recognise this as Kendall Roy’s swanky condo, and if you like it you can buy it.

Only slightly less impressive than its onscreen version, the condo is a 297m³, 4-bed, 3-bath duplex in a 19th century cast iron building in Tribeca fitted out in oak, marble and Gaggenau appliances with a centrepiece 7m ceilinged ‘great room’.

Ownership also includes private storage, a 24-hour doorman, use of the building’s fitness centre, spa, resident lounge and courtyard.

Yours for €6.4 million.


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10 thoughts on “Successful

  1. V

    can you imagine the state of that kitchen after a few weeks
    magnets, stickers, vouchers, pics, clippings of recipes, reminder notes, dry-cleaning thingies, lotto tickets, tv and dog licence renewals, invites, school notices and bits and bobs of nonsense, bin day calendar, wiffy code label, take out menus, dentist appointments, prescriptions, loyalty cards —

    ara, nah,
    Too much maintenance

    Shur cleaning the dog’s snot off those windows would take up a Saturday

  2. Pat

    Sure deres no place to bed a dozen sheep down for de night and where would ye park de Toyota Camry and say you sprayed diarrhoea all over de floor an windows sure yed roon the place hosing it off.

    I’ll shtay in me hovel tanks very much

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