25 thoughts on “Going The Extra Mile

    1. f_lawless

      You let one customer relieve themselves into a single use plastic bag then they all want to do it. It’s the air holes – they create havoc.

  1. dhod

    I have a clothes shop and people ask every day can I use your loo. I always say yes but what annoys me is the state they leave it in. Pee all over the floor and seat, floaters and taps left running

      1. Slightly Bemused

        As a parent, coming from a large household, there is NOTHING that can prepare you for parenthood. At best, you can be warned. You can not be prepared!

        One of the most fun quotes I heard in a TV show was a guy, expecting his first, was asked if he had burp cloths. When he answered ‘Yes’ he was told ‘Buy more’! Never a truer word :)

        And fathers of girls: Watch out for how far they can pee when fresh air hits them!

  2. Ads

    There’s millions waiting for the inventor of a musical urinal target that plays the theme from The Dambusters.

  3. Scundered

    Information overload, customers have about 2 seconds to read signage when approaching, take off your mace signs at least and cut wording to minimum.

  4. Joe

    if no public toilet is provided in an area by the council the nearest public House can be used without having to purchase a beverage. it’s an old Irish law, pubs don’t want folk knowing that.

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