A Saviour Born Today


Happy birthday, Bill Hicks.

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) writes:

On this day 58 years ago (1961) the saviour of modern comedy was born.

He was a true artist. A musician, songwriter, dark poet and philosopher who used the art of comedy to challenge the hypocrites and pharmacist.

A stand up Comedian, who stood up to politicians and masters of war. Exposing the banality of evil in all its guises, particularly in the ‘entertainment industry’

A truth seeker who went from town to town spreading informed opinion and facts. His voice of reason was greatly ignored in America and often censored.

Large amounts of people were offended because they could not fully understand the message, so the telling of ‘dick jokes’, to make the medicine go down was a necessity.

Many unwise men did not like the message of love, inclusion and peace, so they tried to ‘shut him up’.

Even though he woke many people from their drunken materialistic, war mongering slumber, many still do not believe (including Dara O’Briain) that such a creator and tour de force lived among us for almost 33 years.

It’s reasonable to say, he was a tortured genius, who was crucified by ‘the man’.

In the carefree early 90’s when real rock n roll was played on day time radio Bill Hicks was the king of rock n roll comedy.

His truth love and honesty for his fellow human beings made him the most outspoken voice of his generation and the hottest ticket in town.

I know it might seem weird but offending people especially in power was all the rage back then (listen to Rage Against The Machine, the clue is in the name).

In a time of WTF is WWF and Television Evangelists, Hicks really turned the light switch on, for the ‘jilted generation’.

Before the free information age people had to buy stuff to inform themselves, and by doing that, real artists got paid and could live. Yeah! it was the opposite of stealing. Note to Denis Leary.

We now live in an age where parents and adult children spend ridiculous amounts pf money going to Westlife reunion concerts. The same Westlife that had their ‘music’ used by the CIA, to torture inmates in Guantanamo Bay.

In 2020 get some clear vision. Start now by buying a ticket to The Laughing Stock Comedy Club’s ‘7th Public Members Bill’ at The Sugar Club Dublin on February 26, 2020.

The ideal Xmas present for yourself and your loved ones .

Special guest on the night will be Bill’s brother Steve.

Tickets here

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21 thoughts on “A Saviour Born Today

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Thanks BS. Great headline a usual.

    Before we go #Billistic2020

    The Laughing Stock Comedy Club FB page will be celebrating
    #12BillsOfXmas with rare visual and audio of himself.

    Bill Hicks sings Don’t Be Cruel by Elvis Presley

    I’ll drop the 11 others here over the next 11 days.

    Have a great one!

    Peace to all men and of course women, oh yeah children to. Dogs, cats, hamsters, cuddly rats, horses with heads and multicoloured horns..

    OK Happy Xmas to every breathing and living thing, especially cannabis trees.

  2. Johnny Keenan

    A message from Steve Hicks

    https://youtu.be/6P8AhOAofz0 (singing Happy Birthday to Bill, 1991)

    https://youtu.be/lssMomjkThs (1st time ever sharing this one, kindergarten graduation 1966)

    Remembering Bill today on what would have been his 58th birthday!

    He was a good son, brother, uncle and friend to all that knew him.

    Thanks to all those who continue to enjoy Bill’s work, help support his legacy and honor his memory.
    On behalf of our family, it is greatly appreciated.
    On December 16th, 1961 the world turned upside down and inside out and I was born screaming in America.
    It was the tail end of the American dream just before we lost our innocence irrevocably when the TV eye brought the horror of our lives into our homes for all to see.
    I was told when I grew up I could be anything I wanted-a fireman, a policeman, a doctor, even president it seemed. And for the first time in the history of mankind something new called an astronaut.
    But, like many kids growing up on a steady diet of westerns I always wanted to be the cowboy hero, that lone voice in the wilderness fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it; and, standing for freedom, truth, and justice.
    And in my heart of hearts I still track the remnants of that dream wherever I go in my never ending ride into the setting sun.”

  3. Fee @

    Bill Hicks just was not funny. Move on. Along with the Lenny Bruce hagiography. Name one joke you can recall…

  4. Lilly

    @ Fee

    Boss: Hicks, how come you’re not working?

    Hicks: Because there’s nothing to do.

    Boss: Well, why don’t you pretend like you’re working.

    Hicks: Why don’t you pretend I’m working.

    Yeah man, you get paid more than me, you fantasise.

  5. bertie blenkinsop

    I’d say you’d have more chance of a reply if you managed to spell Stewart’s name correctly.

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