Minister of State with special responsibility for Insurance, Michael D’Arcy (left) and Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe

Asked about reports that some providers have seen massive rises in premiums of thousands of euro, Mr [Michael] D’Arcy said Allianz Insurance were more expensive than other options, and that two thirds of the market were covered by the company.

He said it was important to know that it costs around €60 per child for a crèche to get insurance cover, which they are obliged to have.

He said if there were 50 children in a crèche at €60 each the cost for insurance is around €3000, and each crèche must be insured….

Govt cannot stem rising childcare insurance costs – D’Arcy (RTÉ)

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4 thoughts on “No Blame Bonus

  1. dav

    Previously the State set up the ICC and the ACC when “the market” failed it’s citizens, once a new government is in place such measures should be taken again.

  2. garrett

    Allianz provide this:
    All Pupils 24 Hour Cover €8.00 per child
    SO why can’t a creche use it for it’s children?

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