So Help Me God


This afternoon.

House of Commons, London.

Steve Bonnar, new SNP MP for Coatbridge Chryston & Bellshill crossed his fingers on his right hand as he took the oath of allegiance to the British crown.

Any excuse.

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10 thoughts on “So Help Me God

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Poor critters. Even republican English MPs have to take this oath. To a royal family riddled with scandals. This is the reason for abstentionism.

  2. paver

    Coatbridge is a like crickelwood in London or Yonkers in NY, it’s sort of an Irish area, where Irish immigrants settled, years ago and the second or third generations are now grown up. I visited there when I lived in Scotland and it’s a weird kind of familiarity you get meeting people with Irish heritage. i wish this guy all the best with it.

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