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  1. GiggidyGoo

    So, what new sop has Josephine Fehilly lined up now? She of the LPT threatening Revenue on people effort. People do have long memories.

    1. Gearóid

      They rent office buildings (usually on lower-cost but long-term leases) and then rent individual spaces or offices to companies who do not want to commit to the long-term lease themselves.

      They started off being popular with start-ups (they being a start-up themselves) and freelancers who could now work from an office instead of a café or home, but now a lot of big businesses e.g. Citibank in London, rent extensive space from them because it is cheaper than doing it themselves.

      They have a real hipster start-up vibe: couches, funky furniture, free beer taps.
      I work in one in London, fwiw.

      Their rise and fall(ing) is fanscinating.

  2. bisted

    …why do people continue to negotiate with Arlene Foster…she showed over a year ago that she is not the decision maker in the DUP…

    1. Cian

      I don’t know the specific details on Gerry Gannon’s 120m debt, but NAMA has recovered all the money it paid for all loans and is on course to return billions to the exchequer.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        NAMA hasn’t repaid the actual real value of the loans. It got them at highly reduced prices to suit the political needs at the time, sold a lot off cheaply (profit on paper, but not at the real value) to outfits that made massive profits.
        And NAMA – when was it that it was meant to close up? End 2019, and extended to end 2020.
        On top of that they hired in the failed developers as consultants.
        Not a clever set up, but suited Mickey Noonan and his friends.

    1. IngmarK

      No. It isn’t.

      “The Claimant’s position is that even if a trans woman has a Gender Recognition Certificate, she cannot honestly describe herself as a woman. That belief is not worthy of respect in a democratic society. It is incompatible with the human rights of others that have been identified and defined by the European Court of Human Rights and put into effect through the Gender Recognition Act.”

      You are obsessed with trans people, why?

      1. Clampers Outside

        I’m not, but go ahead and think that.

        You need to look deeper into what thqt ruling means for sex based rights. It contradicts the UK’s Equality Act, and applies an ideological view in overriding scientific facts.

        That summary is lacking in the details of the case, in fairness.

        And please, will the ridiculous accusation of ‘obsession’ please stop. It is at this point nothing more than a blunt instrument used to shut down much needed discussion.

        Have a nice Christmas and New Year

        1. IngmarK

          We don’t need to look any deeper, the summary is perfectly succinct. You are a little obsessed, in all fairness, I think most would agree. The only thing I’m ever going to try to shut down is bigotry. Especially the insidious kind.

          Good luck.

          1. Clampers Outside

            How is it bigotry when a large number of transpersons also voice that this ideological ruling is wrong.

            Stop assuming to speak for all trans persons when many disagree with you, that is real bigotry.
            All I speak of is keeping the discussion open and stop the assumptions that the conversation is over when clearly it is nothing of the sort, thank you.

          2. Ambivalent Gendered Brit

            How was this survey of a large number of trans persons whom you cite conducted, how many were surveyed and was the sample randomised and statistically significant as a proportion of trans people as a whole?

            Finally explain why in your view only the views of trans persons should be considered in any case , when this is a general human rights issue, that affects not only trans persons who are directly affected but also their friends, families, acquaintances and the wider community in which they reside?

  3. IngmarK

    Indeed, you’re simply trying to keep the conversation open, you don’t have an agenda on this issue whatsoever. Keep blowing, Clampers, keep blowing …

          1. Ambivalent Gendered Brit

            3 anecdotal Twitter accounts – that’s it? That is the sum total of your evidence? Seriously – that is all you have?

          2. Clampers Outside !

            See that bit there that says “I could go on”, That is a reference to the inumerable trans persons who are vocal on this topic who could be listened to. Nothing more. I
            t is not an evidence list of any sort, and it’s quite baffling that you thought it to be such. What a silly interpretation of the thread, in fairness.

            May I suggest you get a copy of ‘Gallileo’s Middle Finger’ as a good place to read of the trans debate from the start and a look at the different and/or opposing views in the discussion. And when done with that, I’ll
            recommend more.

            Again, no, don’t be silly, that’s not an evidence list of any sort :0)

          3. Ambivalent Gendered Brit

            Innumerable 3

            Please put your claims in some kind of acceptable peer reviewable format – otherwise we may have to discount them entirely

          4. Ambivalent Gendered Brit

            Innumerable is not equal to 3

            Also I don’t know if that’s a “large” number of trans persons as I don’t know how many trans persons there are: please explain why 3 is a large number in this case/ for example is it 3 out of 3, 3 out of 300, or 3 out of 3000?

            Or, if you actually have no evidence, please then outline why you made the spurious claim?

    1. Clampers Outside

      According to you, staying informed on a topic by listening to those in the middle of it is being “obsessed”.

      There was a time when making an effort to inform oneself on controversial and difficult topics was a laudable effort, but by your standards it is a mark for someone to be ridiculed for not accepting an ideological orthodoxy.

      That is truly a pathetic way to go about understanding life, and you’re welcome to it, just don’t expect me to join you in it.

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