A Sort Of Homecoming


A University of Limerick (UL) Christmas Story.

Sheena Doyle writes:

With over 3,000 international students from 107 countries studying at UL every year and 600 UL students spending semesters attending universities around the world, this year’s message is one to which many students past and present can relate: “Wherever you have been, it’s always good to come home”.

What makes the project special is that all storyboarding, filming, editing, vocals, arrangement, sound engineering, directing, and acting was carried out by UL students over the past few months.

In fairness.

University of Limerick (Facebook)

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4 thoughts on “A Sort Of Homecoming

  1. Slip Digby

    Uuuugghhhhh that place ruined Christmas for me for 4 years by having exams starting in the first week of January

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