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  1. Lilly

    ‘TDs and Senators fail to collect 486,500 newsletters from Oireachtas print facility’

    Why are they continuing to send out these newsletters in hard copy? Haven’t they heard of email. I contacted a Senator last summer asking her to cease and desist, so if I ever get another one from her, I’ll get creative with it. Imagine Eamon Ryan ordering boxes of these and failing to pick them up. Politicians are not just for Christmas, unfortunately.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Eamon Ryan obviously hadn’t enough bicycles available to collect his ones. How many trees had to be planted to replace his wastage?
      I only had one of these newsletters, ever. An advertisement from the local TD basically pushed as information. Newsletters should be free of any party reference. If political parties want their logo on them, or their man/woman on them, then they should finance them and not lumber the public with the costs.

      1. Cian

        I think it is important for TDs to get engagement from the public. But I’d agree that it should be party/picture free unless paid for by the party/TD.

    2. george

      A lot of people don’t use email and they don’t have a list of emails for everyone in their constituency.

      1. Lilly

        90% of Irish adults own a smartphone and 85% use email (CSO). If they’re serious about not wasting resources, the least our politicians can do is gather constituents’ email addresses.

  2. Otis Blue

    Varadkar’s tactic to address contentious issues from ‘afar’ with nothing but a feigned empathy and a casual shrug of the shoulders is remarkable.

    ‘Nothing to be done’ he emotes. A phrase existential in its brevity, essence and futility.

    But no Beckett he.

  3. paul

    so now an anti-drinking ad is too political just as an ad illustrating the effects of cutting down the rainforest was too political last year. Those blocking these ads must love the smell of money.

  4. Ron

    As if shafting the children of Ireland due to homelessness wasn’t scommy enough, I see that patethic little runt of incompetence Eoghan Murphy is concerned about an increase in elederly homelessness.

    The subservient Irish daw jawed electorate are pathetic in allowing this cancer on the body politic continue with his consistently pathetic incompetence

    Get some self respect daw jaws

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Take a break Ron. Your overwhelming negativity must be exhausting. Give your family (and the rest of us) that one gift. They’ll thank you for it.

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Hang on – we’re due a “Staying In This Christmas Eve?” RTÉ public service announcement from Broadsheet soon.

      (Reaches for more fluoxetine).

        1. Brother Barnabas

          for the purposes of research, I iust had a quick peek through bodger’s curtains

          it’s worse than that, I’m afraid

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      No different, at work. I’m very nonchalant about massive hysterical commercial / religious festivals.

      Looking forward to some vodka, lime and cranberry cocktails later however. Become quite chalant then.

      1. kellma

        While we are on the cocktails: I’m a plain tonic fan myself ordinarily (not a fan of the elder flower and other infused variants) .. I tried that grapefruit and rosemary tonic in my gin last night. Lovely!

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Yum yum.

            The best Irish coffee I got was in Christie’s Hotel, Blarney many years ago. A young girl from Poland (I think) made it at my table in the restaurant. Glass sitting sideways on a stand, a flame underneath it, lit the hot whiskey, and proceeded to finish it off in a kind of exacting manner.
            Haven’t had the pleasure of one made like it since. Nowadays it’s a hurried process with the cream dropping almost immediately.
            I buy Hot Irishman now and make it myself. Excellent stuff. You can buy it directly if you call into their distillery in Co. Carlow.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            The only Irish Coffee that is anything close to the original recipe is Powers Three Sallows, you need that oil in the potstill,
            the ” champagne blend” of the ridiculously named Irishman is incorrect, 70 percent malt…30 potstill, so while I’m glad you enjoy it…the words “Instant Irish coffee ” are pretty vile …:)

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Giddy you must live in the States, that’s where they tried to market that instant coffee stuff, also tried it as the hot Irishman, Irishman 70 and the Irish name for family…not the best move, but you know what that is :)

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Hi Janet. A happy Christmas to you.
            Yes, a ‘real’ Irish Coffee does top the lot. But for someone that can’t get the mixture or the standing of the cream right, the Hot Irishman is a godsend, and does come close.
            And it is part of the success story of that company.
            As an aside, I was in Bethune a few years ago and went into an Irish Bar and ordered an Irish Coffee. I won’t go any further save to say that something served in an ice cream sundae glass with straws, topped off with squirty cream wasn’t that great. :-)

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          That’s probably the only tonic that isn’t sickly sweet.

          The Cape Cod cocktail traditionally includes just a paltry wedge of lime – whereas I squeeze two limes into it and add two wedges – but whatever is your personal taste, kellma. And I go high-ball glass rather than martini glass as when I make ’em just one is enough for anybody.
          Enjoy the mixing and happy christmas!

    2. Ringsend Incinerator

      Barry Egan’s Christmas lunch in the RTÉ Canteen. What do you mean “you weren’t invited”?

  5. Lilly

    ‘Having reportedly been told he was “f**king useless” by Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary and made to feel like “a dead man walking” in his own words, Bellew has received the best Christmas gift he could have asked for.’

    Well done Peter Bellew! Who in their right mind would work for Ryanair.

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