Your own luxury wigwam.

In North County Dublin.

Brendan Lawless writes:

So I moved back to Ireland from Oz – have to move out of my short term let soon and came across this absolute gem in Malahide on Airbnb.

It’s a teepee hut in someone’s back garden in a normal looking estate. ‘Ah lads’ is all I can say. Bonus points for the heater in a plastic teepee

So Sioux me.


Never mind.

Tipi Tent -Malahide (AirBnB)

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12 thoughts on “Scalping

  1. Ciaran Adamson

    Ciaran from Dublin City Tipi here…
    I took a break from hosting last summer as there was building works going on nearby however if you’re interested in staying in a Tipi, I’ll be taking bookings shortly, all going well, for March-September, … If you mention Broadsheet when booking in 2020 I’ll happily give 10% discount!

    For the cynics out there, check out the reviews first…

    Happy New Year to all BS readers and staff!

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Are you related to Dr Kellie Adamson, Ciaran?
      I read about her the other day and wondered were you related…

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