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  1. Ron

    Reading that absolute talentless goon Mc Grath on the front of the Examiner. It’s easy to think your in the twilight zone reading his nonsensical waffle and lies until you remember it’s just another day in the banana republic, where a daw jawed Irish electorate continue to elect political filth of the most inept type.

    I mean to consistently elect probably 125/158 of the most pathetically incompetent, inept liars and spoofers the Republic ever produced is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And the daw jawed Irish electorate manage to do it every election lol. That’s quite the achievement.

    Let the political faeces show roll on for 2020. I’m excited to see how much lower the people can go.

    1. Specific Gravity

      So what to do? Look at the case of Stephen Donnelly. Seemed to have a bit of gumption, relevant real world experience, untainted by familial seatholding, then the moment it suits, jumps two footed into FF. Now a wholly party man toeing the same tired line.

      Need to overcome that before we all become too cynical and complacent, but how?

      1. Ron

        Donnelly was always a grade A spoofer! Look more closely at these inepts rather then blindly following the narrative of “they appear to know what their talking about”. It’s the classic lazy electorate, following the rest of the daw jaws until the collective stupidity of the crowd delivers the worst possible outcome.

        1. Bottler

          It starts at local level where “pacts” between councillors from different parties collude to share the plum jobs with the good expenses and this is lauded, condoned and tolerated by voters. That is the way we are.

          1. V

            It could also be that these pacts get them onto the right committees
            ie. Budget, Housing, Planning, Recreation etc

            Therefore these Councillors have a direct and clear contribution to those decisions, and can influence outcomes for their Constituents, and be directly identified as responsible for them, And there is no fear of the Voter not knowing who got the job done for them either.

            Outcomes and Solutions to their Constituents issues is what gets them re-elected and its what Voters remember in the Polling booth

            Not some shouty ranting behind a banner on the street or filiblustering for their pals in the gallery.

            In fairness Bottler this lauded, condoned and tolerated by voters is disrespectful to the voter, and its sneery; and is exactly why Voters returned to the Main Parties in the Locals last year
            They want stability and reliability; that’s what gets it done for them
            Not loudmouths calling politicians names and the Voter Daw Jawed

            Without Pacts, Budgets would never get approved or Libraries redeveloped or pitches re-seeded.

            And incidentally, there is no Plum Job at local Council Level

    2. V

      Far be it from me to stand up for the buck
      but absolute talentless goon Mc Grath is absolutely not

      Far from it, Instead of going in with your boots first, why don’t you do a bitta’ homework Ron
      His poll topping over his own party leader might suggest something
      Daw Jawed huh?

      Looking forward to seeing how you do yourself in GE 2020

      1. Ron

        He is a talentless goon and the fact that you stick up for that talentless, inept goon is the reason this banana republic has a faeces style show every single day of the week where we get reminded of how utterly incapable and out of their depth these spoofers are. And your not on your own, there are thousands of other daw jaws exactly like you that think people like him are capable. it’s the reason this country is on its knees. Broken systems and policies can be fixed but you can’t fix a daw jawed Irish electorate.

        1. V

          And you’re clearly showing what a Spoofer you are
          All Roar and Shouty name-calling and nothing else, not even manners.

          Even the likes of Dara Murphy rely on Ranty Ronnies like you to keep up the noise and yere’ shouting; because they know ye will never produce something that they can’t contradict, or be in a position to challenge them in the Dáil or in a debate or even run against them in any meaningful (ie not losing yere deposit) way, or even get up from your keyboards and go door to door to talk to voters.

          How do you think he got away with it for so long? Why do you think Eoghan Murphy gets away with uselessness day in day out?

          You and the likes of you outside Leinster House and other locations with yere banners and yere loud hailers roaring and populising rabble rants would have Devanny Gardens idle for another 10 years while ye all fall out again. Splitting the Split.

          You’re why the majority vote for the same bucks again and again rather than another Ranty Ronnie.

          Good luck getting the vote out when you do run Ron.

          So keep it up – and keep ranting that FFs Michael McGrath is a talentless, inept goon
          He’s relying on you to keep spewing that out there
          and before you know it, another land parcel is gone, another butty is appointed something or other, and another gig is tied up.

          BTW I don’t care what you call me Ronnie
          I walk my talk

          WTF do you do with yours?

          1. Ron

            I’ve had my yearly quota of listening to stupid talk and it’s only the 2nd January. You do realise you have your whole life to be so stupid, I don’t know why you feel to use a life’s worth of stupidity and nonsense on one post.

          2. V

            Keep it up Ron

            There’s plenty out there relying on you to promise they never have to face real opposition

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Well, V, you sure were walked away from your slanderous post about a certain hotel. Shame on you for posting such generalizations and putting BS in a potential difficult position.
            You see V, your assumptions show you up. G’wan Girl. Shur ‘twill be sound. etc.

        1. V

          Not saying he has any one spectacular talent in particular to another
          or to anyone else’s

          but he’s not without any, and certainly not without any political talent
          and that’s for sure

          And consider him a talentless goon are yere peril
          of all the conniving opportunists that can be found in Fianna Fail and in fairness in all the Main Parties including the Greens – Michael McGrath is most definitely a cut above the rest of them
          Make no mistake about that

          For a lad that has never held a Ministry or even held the door open for one, he out polls his own party leader who must have 20 years and Ministerial gigs to bate the band on him, as well Simon Coveney – who has the benefit of a political family name, money and a few Ministries on his election pamphlets.

          Actually I’m surprised you and your Gript-Grubs aren’t all over Micheal McGrath and polishing him up – he’s profoundly ProLife
          and most likely ProLifer to be a party leader, Senior Minister and or even Taoiseach
          and is one that has no flies on him or durty politics behind him, so he could be capable of anything

          treating Michael McGrath as a talentless goon is proof that FF FG will never have effective opposition
          well done you

          1. Ron

            Your inability to comprehend what a talentless goon looks and acts like is classic daw jaw Irish electorate behaviour. Coming on here trying to defend the indefensible using words and sayings you picked up from the local goons who sniff around those politicians like the pathetic hacks that they are. It’s disgusting. Let’s be clear about this. Mc Grath and the rest of the political filth he associates with are the most dangerous, incapable, incompetent, talentless goons that the daw jawed Irish electorate ever elected. After what he and his Neanderthal ilk have dished out to the Irish people in terms of their absolute and utter failure to deal with housing and health etc etc etc etc. Multiply that word etc by thousands to account for their utter incompetence in terms of every single thing they touch. All of that utter faeces show negates any redeeming features you so pathetically try to defend.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Thanks for your explanation there V. And your assumptions. No New Year resolutions for you either this year I see.

          3. V

            Time will tell whether they are assumptions or not Grope
            But you’re welcome

            As to NY resolutions
            Baby you’re already on the wrong side of one (◠‿◕)

            Night night now

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Is that the best retort you can muster? After reaching the dizzy heights of writing gospels on Bake-off?.
            I think Cummings may have a position for at Whitehall.
            Here’s to….

            ▄███▄◕─◕▄██▄◕ ▄███▄◕─◕▄██▄

  2. DOC

    Most “independents” go in to politics because they know it is a Gravy Train
    Not all but most and if they get found out they have two options
    1 Run of to Europe like Dara Murphy Claire Daly Mick Wallace
    2 Get in to the Seanad – A retirement home for politicans who failed to get a seat in the Dail. They can keep their snouts in the Trough for a minimum of five years
    And the beat goes on
    Happy New Year Everyone!

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    If you don’t know the Aussie PM, think of a Boris/Trump type. He is not PM material but somehow he got the job (by backstabbing the previous PM, Malcolm Turnbull). So weak, so inauthentic, so absent when the fires are burning the country. He and his party have done nothing to tackle climate change or to help the emergency services prepare for this fire season. I hope people remember this when the next election happens but I am sure he and Murdoch will have another scare campaign.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Just in case you missed Boris’s New Year’s message here it is.
    Full of the upbeat optimism about Blighty’s future that helped deliver him such a stonking general election result and power for five years.
    Of course you may be interested in Jezza’s New Year’s message where he doesn’t talk about why he was trounced in the polls, why his party has become riddled with anti-Semitism or why every leading contender to replace him voted against Brexit even after the general election.
    Instead he insists Labour are the ” resistance ” to Boris.
    The sound you can hear in the background is hollow laughter.
    In a Northern accent.

    1. ReproBertie

      Are you suggesting we never had street brawls in Ireland in the past or are you lauding this embracing of Ireland’s culture of late night drink induced street brawling?

      New Year, same old whistle.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I’m suggesting something very simple – pity you didn’t get it. I’m suggesting that journalists aren’t in fact journalists anymore here. If they were, there would be reports of this, of Balbriggan, etc. etc.. in the MSM. They are well able to report on our own ethnics in Longford.
        What explanation can there be for reporting travelers violence in Longford, and not reporting this violence in Dublin? Maybe you can enlighten us seeing as you think you have all of the answers.
        Over to you.

        1. ReproBertie

          Yeah, I can see the front page news now. “Brawl on Harcourt St after some fella said something about yer man’s sister.”

          I don’t believe for a second that you think journalists should be reporting on every street brawl up and down the country. Unless there’s at least one arrest there’s nothing to report beyond drunken idiots being drunken idiots. Any time these things do result in arrest or serious injury they are covered by the media, usually local but, depending on the seriousness of the incident, sometimes national. If this was a bunch of red haired potato heads battering each other you wouldn’t bothered to post it but because there’s a few dark faces in there it’s an excuse to blow your little whistle again.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Yep. Repro. Read my first comment. I’m not deflecting from the subject matter of it. You, however, seem fixated. Pulling out the old ‘you’re deflecting’ doesn’t make the grade. Smarten up there lad.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            You keep referring to my ‘agenda’. But you never elaborate as to what you think it is. Over to you.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            So, give me an example of my so-called racism. (I’d asked you that a few months ago, and you scuttled away – I’m sure you’ll try scuttle away again)
            I can wait.

    2. V

      Ah here Grope

      Lads have been baten’ seven shades out’ve each other on Irish Streets for Centuries

      Ever been to Thurles? Or the Grand Parade
      Or the Red Cow or Roxboro
      Ever heard of El Carricko?

      btw that’s what we call a Running Melee
      Some Paddy you are

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Of course I’ve heard of all of them. I made the point to the Repro lad above that the MSM have no problem reporting traveller violence in Longford, yet not a focal about this. Could it be that this one consists of people of a different colour than Thurles, Grand Parade, Red Cow, Roxboro, of a different ethnicity than the people in Longford?
        None of the above have anything to do with my point about journalism in this place.

  5. Bottler

    Ken Murphy’s Law Society has Paschal Donohoe neatly neutered over the shocking taxpayer funded legal gravy train that will emerge over the Apple appeal case.

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Basically, this is a payoff from any of those legal numpties not being appointed judge or to some commission during the year… shambolic. Yet the media hound people getting 197 Euros a week for nine months from the Dept of Emp and SA.

      1. Bottler

        Solicitors engage Barristers. Apologies if my comment is considered sneery. I am now better educated on how powerful and influential our elected Councillors are.

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