This morning.

Swan Centre, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

‘LOSS MAKING’ Fallon and Byrne announce immediate closure of Rathmines premises as staff informed today (The Irish Sun)

Via Fallon & Byrne


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39 thoughts on “Fallon Gone

    1. Dr.Fart

      they definetely knew before today that they would be closing, they just didn’t tell them sooner for fear of them working with apathy in their finishing weeks, or stealing and whatnot.

      1. dav

        yes, “feckless” workers with nothing but thoughts of stealing on their minds, eh? they should be grateful for the job and donate half their wages to the employer..

      2. millie vanilly strikes again

        Reminds me of the time I lost my student job and found out on the 6pm news. That was a nice move.

  1. dhod

    was always going to be tough next door to new and improved Dunnes. They had some great stock but prices were nuts. Salamis, cheeses and gelato were all double the price charged nearby in the Italian deli on dunville avenue

  2. Dr.Fart

    it’s always been busy when I’ve gone by. I’d say the rent is mental though, it’s huge. Lovely stew. I’ll be all at sea without it. When Kitty left me so did homemade dinners! and F&B rathmines took her place. with cooking anyway.

      1. Dr.Fart

        yes, one silly little throw-away incident and 26 years of marriage down the drain. I really hoped she would’ve calmed down by now and gotten past it but appears not.

      1. Dr.Fart

        It would be a miracle if she did come back, Liam. I attempted to woo her back on New Years Eve. I know she always has lunch with her sisters in Avoca that day, so ol’ Farty put on his wedding suit from 26 years ago and a plan was in place! the suit really doesnt fit anymore, i was surprised, but I knew it was the suit to set nostalgia stirring in her, but yes it was quite literally bursting at the seams. I jumped up on to their table mid-lunch and sang my favourite song “somethings gotten hold of my heart” by gene pitney. It could be argued I shouldve sang her favourite song but i couldnt recall what it was. Anyway, her sisters seemed horrified and Kitty was in tears. I asked were they tears of joy and she cried harder, i was removed from the premises in barbaric fashion which i shall pen a letter to management about, and never found the answer if Kittys tears were of joy or.. other. So no, it doesnt seem like she may have me back this year. But ol’ Farty has a few other tricks up his sleeve ;-)

        1. Liam Deliverance


          Hard luck Doc, I salute your efforts though, maybe the next time you try a similar caper you might write a song of your own?

          Just wondering, what are her sisters like, and do they cook?

          Valentines day not too far away either!

          1. Dr.Fart

            The sisters are battleaxes. I hadn’t thought of Valentines day. I’ll get the thinking cap on. Maybe ol’ Farty isn’t without hope yet.

        1. Dr.Fart

          I have, hoops. Apparently ‘that’ type of crime doesn’t keep you down for too long in this country. I don’t agree with it, but am happy to return to my practice.

          1. Dr.Fart

            i genuinely do not. I’m happy to answer anything asked of me, but I do not understand this question. Does she mean to say she has seen me in Fallons and that I’m portly? or does think i may be Michael Collins?

        1. missred

          Oh it’s Big Micko I mean alright. I was thinking, his love letters to Kitty were slightly more forlorn than what I’m reading here

    1. class wario

      Agreed, it always looked quite busy to me. Could be remembering wrong but feel like it pre-dated a few newer installations in the swan too which, prior to their arrival, was a bit bare. The pizza was amazing too (I really can’t emphasise this enough!).

      So yeah, bit of a surprise to me. I reckon the rent for such a big space and the amount of services offered in there probably killed them. A smaller spot focusing on their cafe/deli/food businesses might’ve been the right call instead of trying to make a supermarket style venture work next to a massively cheaper Dunnes.

  3. V

    Ah shur’ it was always something with them

    VAT, Accounts Staff, Suppliers, DCC Rates – always something to blame

    Dunnes has been there since the 80s so has Tescos – maybe even longer, and now Aldi Lidl
    Ranelagh has good food choices
    and so does Dartry and Rathgar and Terenure; all in that same catchment – and mostly in walking distance

    They overthought themselves
    There was never a business loyal enough in Rathmines to support that size of floor-space and frontage
    Trying to create demand when there is none
    and Trying to convince you can compete when everything they have to offer is already available within 1 km


  4. Rich

    Where will the sophisticated residents of Rathmines get their pitted olives and overpriced spelt bread now I wonder? This place was so far up its own backside it was looking out its own mouth at the clock in the middle of the Swan centre wondering how they still managed to be in business. Surly staff, tasteless coffee and doughy, overpriced Pizzas all topped off with a bizarre queueing system and tables that were rarely cleared away by staff of their own volition.

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