21 thoughts on “Go And Shiite

  1. Liam Deliverance

    What the feck, I was gonna say that won’t be up for long but it’s up since Saturday

  2. scundered

    Errrr…. since when did SF become religious? I guess they missed the bit about “Thou shalt not kill”.

  3. Captain Pants

    Not surprising, ive had a feminist Shinner explain to me that The Muslim Brotherhood were liberals. Apparently not thinking so makes you right-wing.

    1. bisted

      …the Muslim Brotherhood were democratically elected in Egypt but the zionists didn’t like the result so they precipitated regime change…no feminist shinners were involved…

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Dictators often use Democracy to get into power and then dismantle the Democratic institutions.

    2. RuilleBuille

      Don’t believe that. The Muslim Brotherhood have no connections with either the Iranians or Sinn Fein.

      Sounds like a political smear.

  4. Nullzero

    The Iranians idolise Bobby Sands for his matryrdom. I’m guessing this is a doff of the cap as it were.

  5. Shitferbrains

    No Jews were involved either. The protestors in Tahrir Square in Cairo got there without any help. They were hacked off at the country having been looted in a single year and Coptic businesmen either killed or robbed. You’d need to get across to England where a sad old bigot who’se just lost an election using crap like this is in need of some comfort.

  6. bisted

    …which god RSF…your catholic one or the muslim one…you can’t both be right…you can, of course, both be wrong though…

  7. f_lawless

    Not one of Broadsheet’s finest moments, this post. If someone regarded as a national hero had just died in say, Israel, and a loyalist group paid tribute, would it be deemed ok to lead with a crass toilet-humour pun based on the Jewish faith – “Go suck on my crown Jew-els” or something? I doubt it

    The link to Bloomberg article is just dreadful imperialist propaganda too. Day is night, night is day. It’s like the US-led cabal (US,UK France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc) haven’t been funding, arming and training Islamist terrorist proxies to create havoc across much of the MENA region. And I guess things like the Geneva convention, international law, etc are just quaint notions of a bygone era at this stage. Does it matter anymore that US and allied troops invaded illegally whereas Russia and Iran’s presence was at the behest of the sovereign governments in the region?

    By leading the forces which have been instrumental in stopping the rise of the various Islamist terrorist proxies, Souleimani has a place in history as someone who stood up to western imperialist scheming and I suppose it’s easy to see how RSF might see themselves as having a certain solidarity with him in that respect, regardless of one’s views of RSF.

      1. f_lawless

        “responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of people”
        You’re just parroting what you’ve read in a corporate media outlet which is, in turn, just performing “stenographer journalism” and parroting the line they’ve been fed by western intelligence agencies in the aftermath of Souleimani’s murder.
        In case you weren’t aware, perpetual war has been afoot over there the last two decades. Illegally occupying western allied forces and their Islamist extremist proxies have been running riot, destabilising the region and causing the locals terrible suffering. A backlash against that was inevitable

        “you need new heroes”
        Eh, I’m not Iranian. I’m just observing that he was regarded as a national hero in Iran.

    1. Sham Bob

      Well said. Lots of armchair generals seem to have had their trousers stirred by Trumps button-pushing, like that Karl Deeter.

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