Glancing On The Ceiling


Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

This advert has been removed but I kept a copy. This is a sub-let but I highlight this to show the dangerous conditions in the rental market. Is there even 3 feet between the bed & the ceiling? Over €1,000pm.

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19 thoughts on “Glancing On The Ceiling

  1. Paulus

    If you got a brainwave during the night, and sat up suddenly in bed…cartoon fashion…you’d probably wish you hadn’t.

      1. Paulus

        The vertical thrust-space required is directly proportional to the bulk of the conjugal couple.
        I don’t foresee a problem.

  2. d

    no one is making anyone live in portobello. you can rent for a bedroom in a big house for 500euro a month, half the price of this. other cities, HK comes to mind have similar sizes.

    im no fan of FG, and people have no homes,full stop,

  3. WM

    A lot of Brazilians do this kind of thing, mainly on Facebook groups for rentals in Dublin, when they go back to Brazil for several weeks’ holiday during our winter, or for citizenship applications in other EU countries, which often requires a certain stay there while visa is processed, and as they state, they don’t wish to give up the place for a relatively short stay away. Judging by the English used in the ad, and the fact Italy is a key country where Brazilians can claim citizenship from, it’s reasonable to assume the same here, it’s just unusual to see these on

    That said, I feel such ads are mainly aimed at a more transient Latino migrant/student demographic who may need a temp place when they arrive in Dublin to be near town, or who are towards the end of their visa, etc. rather than Irish/European folks who may be after a room for a longer period, e.g. a student for an academic yea, a professional needing a room for a year or more, etc. Broad strokes and generalisations here I know, and not defending this type of sub-let, but they do address a need in the rental market

  4. Ringsend Incinerator

    Portobello? Already there are ten of Dublin most-importantest living out – “tech workers” who started in Dublin yesterday.


    Leonardo Rafaeli – Senior Software Engineer – Media Services – Shutterstock

  5. Slightly Bemused

    I once lived in an apartment not dissimilar in its arrangement. However, mine had a little less headroom underneath, a little more bedroom above.

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