The Scattering


 Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism, has called on Dublin City Council to provide a dedicated area to scatter ashes

This morning.

Hindus are urging Dublin City Council to create a dedicated area for “the dispersal of cremated remains over sea, river, or other body of water”.

In a statement, Rajan Zed, President of the  Universal Society of Hinduism, said

“Areas in and around Dublin now have a substantial Hindu population and it was important for grieving Hindu families to scatter the cremated remains of their loved ones on the body of water.

DCC should work with area Hindu community and other interested communities to create a dedicated area along the body of water so that grieving families and friends could gather and perform the last rituals properly, respectfully and peacefully.”

Rajan Zed urged Mayor Paul McAuliffe and DCC Chief Executive Owen P. Keegan to:

“…seriously and earnestly delve into developing this dedicated area for scattering cremated remains; which could include installing a platform, raising an open roofed structure like gazebo and building a link road.”

Mr Zed added that if the officials of DCC needed any “help in the religious expertise” during the designing and development process, he or other Hindu scholars “would be glad to assist”.

Pics: Hindu Times: Rajan Zed

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15 thoughts on “The Scattering

  1. John

    I think this is a great idea.
    Having somewhere, where anyone can come and scatter ashes into the sea would be nice.
    A place of restful contemplation where someone could revisit afterwards.

  2. :-Joe

    How about a catapult / slingshot or a cannon which would also be good too.
    – Cut out the middle-men and avoid all the inceneration and poluting the enviroment..

    Or maybe add a launch area at the docks with a crossbow for flaming arrows(or perhaps some kind of laser gun burning device and system if more eco-friendly somehow) for those looking for a classic viking / norse style funeral… on the cheap, like y’know.. Shure why not / bit o’ craic?..


    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      There were two lads on Dragon’s Den recently with a proposed weather balloon launched up to the edge of space with the ashes of deceased within, to burst and scatter o’er the earth.

      Everyone was ‘out’ I recall.

  3. Emzo

    I think it’s a beautiful idea. It would be nice if there was a sculpture garden too. Or, perhaps Victor up at “Victoria’s way” in Wicklow would be open to hosting some funeral ceremonies?
    We have these mortuary customs within our own culture & archaeological record.
    Maybe this could be reflected in the design?
    I attended a friend’s ashes scattering on the Hill of Tara last year, at sunrise on the summer solstice. We gave him a v good send off, a crow even landed on the Urn carrying the ashes.
    It means a lot, it is very comforting to hold a meaningful ceremony in beautiful surroundings

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