Good times.


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  1. Dr_Chimp

    Martin has got it completely backwards. Hindsight is not the best judiciary. You don’t remove all relevant context and judge the past with today’s morals.

  2. The Old Boy

    Public indecency contrary to s. 18 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1935. The section remained in force until 2014, when Mr Justice Hogan declared it to be unconstitutional as it was “hopelessly vague” and lacked any clear principles or policies. The provision was latterly used to prosecute what is informally known as indecent exposure, which as a result of the declaration was decriminalised until the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act, 2017 came into force.

  3. Jonickal

    If you were caught giving a blowjob in a public place today you could well be arrested and fined/sentenced for indecency. In 50 years’ time we’ll be saying, “wow wasn’t the state and society so uptight and judgemental back then?”.

  4. V

    Little known fact
    Or maybe not
    The GAA themselves maintained local Vigilance Committees
    Right up until the 70s
    Their main activity was to keep a watch on club members
    Lads caught playing soccer rugby would be called in and suspended
    But it was only really exercised against players from other clubs in the run up to a local derby or Championship playoff
    Such and such a club would make a complaint to the Co Board about so and so from another club playing soccer /rugby
    There was also a watching eye kept on Priests playing – ok when they were in the seminary but once ordained they could no longer tog out. In fact there is a story about an inter County match where one side complained to the ref about the other crowd having a recently ordained priest in the line up – so Father X had to be taken off for the 2nd half.
    Same for lads who were members of the English army and RUC
    Breandán Ó hEithir’s book “Over the bar” details these committees beautifully in fairness

    There’s also some stories out there about these Parish / Club vigilance committees taking it upon themselves to monitor local dances – Sean Nos dancing, would ya believe, being a particular concern. Only strict Cheili stuff was permitted; leave room for the Lord type dancing only.

    Good times

    1. Charlie

      The Christian brothers banned us from playing soccer at school. We were dragged to hurling and football every Wednesday. One of the many reasons I detest GAA to this day. Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

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