26 thoughts on “Self-Rising

  1. shayna

    Africans and Indians do this, never seen it done in Ireland. I visited a building site in Goa, women builders/labourers were carrying 8 gallon buckets of concrete on their heads. I did think – what about a wheelbarrow?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      estimating that 8 gallons of concrete would weigh around 60kg, and on basis that someone can carry 20% of own bodyweight on head (which is fact), they must have been extraordinarily fat ladies

      1. Tom Sawyer

        I’ve been banned for employing multiple usernames, despite being asked politely to desist many times.

        1. shayna

          Would you believe that my first attempt at a degree was in civil engineering – probably for the best that I dropped out, collapsing bridges and subsiding roads, it’d be Shayna’s fault.

      1. shayna

        I know, concrete to pour foundations, footings. Also, it was gallons – I hate when I doubt myself. Have you ever seen how many Indians can fit onto a moped – a lot. I kinda know about concrete.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          sorry shayna, I should have remained schtum. I was merely making the point that it would be impossible for anyone to carry 8 gallons of cement on their head. it would be around 160lbs. I dont know any woman who could even benchpress that weight.

  2. Itchysays

    You surely couldn’t be suggesting that Shayna, in any way, exaggerates her comments Bro B..?

    The thought of it.

    1. shayna

      It was a gallons v litres thing -Shayna doesn’t need to exaggerate. Jesus, I was talking about a bucket of concrete atop a woman’s head.

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