14 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

  1. scottser

    “It is essential for the mental health of Ireland that we get as quickly as possible to the stage where we do not give a damn about Britain”.
    Sean O’Faolain

    1. dav

      morning ireland doing a piece on harry winsor and his granny now, and people wonder why the blushirts thought the black and tan celebration was a god idea?

      1. Caroline. No.

        It’s a fair point
        But it’s time we faced up to all of our history including the myriad rackrenters and quislings we’ve always had
        Has anything really changed since?

  2. paul

    when I hear that Varadker has the date for the election decided but won’t say for one reason or another, I can’t help but see in my head a child with their tongue sticking out going “Na na na-naaa na, I’m not going to tell you”.

    1. dav

      it’s becoming clearer and clearer that fg’s greatest liability in the coming election will be leo..

      1. The Old Boy

        I’m sure there are more than a few FG TDs lamenting their choice not to have Coveney leading them into this election.

        1. Charger Salmons

          I find him a little bit whiney for my taste but certainly a lot less smug and Trudeau-like than Varadkar.

  3. Gabby

    There’s something big about a possible ‘secret’ divorce between Nissan and Renault. I think we should be told all.

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