This Is The Year


This afternoon.

Following nominations for Atonement (Best Supporting Actress, 2008), Brooklyn (Best Actress, 2016) and Lady Bird (Best Actress, 2018)….

Just give it to her for pity’s sake.

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13 thoughts on “This Is The Year

  1. V

    I dunno lads, much as I’d be delighted for Saoirse, Harriet was spectacular in fairness

    I don’t know what Renée’s Judy is doing there
    I must have seen a different fillum altogether

  2. class wario

    feels like a very boring year of nominations in general.

    think scarjo has a good shout here but iirc she’s also in supporting which may harm her chances

  3. Slightly Bemused

    I have not seen any of the films yet (I am not sure if Bombshells is out yet?) but I do think that all the actresses are very strong. I cannot comment for these performances, but based on past performances they are all quite worthy.

    As for Saoirse, I saw an interview with Meryl Streep where she said she was really impressed with her co-star’s ability and poise. A friend who did see the film said she really held herself well against the heavyweight of Hollywood.

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