16 thoughts on “Tramsformed

  1. Fearganainm

    The reopening of the rebuilt G.P.O. took place in 1929, which might help with dating the photograph.

    1. John Jo

      Actually it was most likely dirtier than it is now!

      What your noticing is the lack of advertising. Well over the top – in your face advertising.
      They also wouldn’t have been using the type of colours we have easy access to now due to the expense.
      So things were a lot more muted.

  2. Qwerty123

    Nothing like looking at a picture from the 1920s to see how backwards we have come in terms of infrastructure.

  3. Cian

    I remember my granddad telling me about the trams.

    They were electrified with a boom that trailed behind the carriage up to the wires. When the tram got to the end of a line the driver would need to pull the boom down and rotate it through 180° so it was behind the tram as is went in the other direction.

    As a young fellow he and his pals would go on the trams, and when the drive wasn’t looking they would pull the boom off the wires, the tram would stop, and the lads would scarper.

    I miss my granddad. :(

    1. Brother Barnabas

      my great-grandfather was a tram driver. he said the worst day of his life was when they went from horse-drawn to electrified. said there used to be this little gang of feral tykes that would scamper onto the tram and act the bollox with the boom. said there was one little lad in particular who’d turn to face him while he was giving chase and bamboozle him with facts and statistics, justifying his bolloxness.

  4. Janet, I ate my avatar

    it’s almost like since the British left all infrastructure stagnated/ went to poo…fight

    1. Boj

      British rule remains and we have a fantastic infrastructure or British rule is ejected and we are where we are. Yep…I think we made the right decision.

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