And Then There Were Three



Election 2020: FF edges ahead of FG as SF surges in new Ipsos MRBI poll (Irish Times)

Graph via Irish Times


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21 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

    1. Cú Chulainn

      That’s fairly accurate I’d say.. it will come down to the transfers.. before we have another confidence and supply arrangement. Looks like we are going to get left/right politics.. just as it falls apart in the rest of the civilised world..

        1. Cian

          Last time around:
          FG got 25.5% of the 1st preferences, but 31.8% of the seats.
          FF got 24.3% of the 1st preferences, but 28.0% of the seats.
          SF got 13.8% of the 1st preferences, but 14.6% of the seats.

    2. Kingfisher

      I’m no fan of Sinn Fein, but RTÉ will surely lay themselves open to legal action if they refuse a party so high in the polls a place in the Leaders’ Debate?
      I’d be interested to know their policy on active travel and on cutting the carbon footprint of transport in Ireland.

  1. diddy

    as foretold. people are pissed off with excuses around housing and bread tomorrow excuses from FF FG. All in the knowledge that certain wealthy interests are making pots of money from the housing misery.

    SF are cutting through with a radical publicly led housing scheme. it’ll be diluted if they go into government. it at least it won’t be more cuckoo funds , more HAP , and more homelessness. be gone fine gael

  2. V

    This is probably the most accurate we’re going to see
    In fairness

    Assuming there’s no videos of Candidates drowning puppies between now and polling day like

    Hon’ Mary Lou

    1. Brother Barnabas

      that 1 in every 2 people will vote for either FF or FG is depressing, imbecilic and gormless

      1. V

        The locals saw them trap 52 ish% between them

        And I sspect Saturday fortnight will be the same ish
        There or there abouts anyway

        Hope to be wrong
        But it’s not looking that way

  3. Joe

    Deciding whether to vote for Michael Martin or Leo Varadkar is like choosing between a dose of cholera or virulent diarrhea, both Ff/FG are truly poopy. !!!!

      1. Cú Chulainn

        It’s all equal opportunities cross community these days, so whatever you’re having yourself..!!!

        1. Cú Chulainn

          On a more serious note: it’s a ffg version of confidence and supply. I don’t think that there will be enough for a separate ff/g/l or Fg/g/l .. though, never underestimate the greed and stupidity of the G’s. The upshot is that, for better or worse, SF will be the party of opposition. If they don’t feck it up, they will be in government in 5 years time. That will be some achievement and will change politics on the island.

      2. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I never thought I’d say this about SF but it’s time for change, I’d be a bit worried they would be kind of Irish first and anti European, would that be a misconception ?

        1. Rob_G

          No, it would be accurate; they have campaigned against every single major piece of European legislation. They are a member of a eurosceptic group in the European parliament. They claim to be pro-EU, but I think that is mainly to differentiate themselves from the DUP and teh Tories (who are agin’ it).

        2. class wario

          You can be pro European as a concept and still be sceptical of the aims and actions of the European Union.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    It is just a poll and I honestly don’t see the shinners reaching 21%. About 17% perhaps. FF/SF/GP government.

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