Girls, I’m Going To Smash The Narcos


This morning.

St Joseph’s Road, Deanscurragh, Longford.

RTÉ’s Fran McNulty tweetz::

On topic, a Leaving Cert student at Scoil Mhuire asks Micheál Martin what Fianna Fáil will do to combat organised crime…

,,,He says more Garda resources are needed to “smash” what he called “narco gangs”…

Good times.

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11 thoughts on “Girls, I’m Going To Smash The Narcos

  1. Dr.Fart

    FF really have absolutely no plan, no ideas .. He’s only saying this because of recent gangland activity in the news, so in his mind “hot topic, say we’ll solve it” .. with NO plan. I’m not including the prison without trial nonsense as a plan. “smash narco gangs” is a bad soundbite, it’s devoid of detail. Also weird demograph to be saying that to.

    If FF get back in power it’ll be a disaster. They’ll blame previous 9 years of FG for not being able to fix things. And that will be the cycle from here on out. Them swopping power and blaming the other for the mess. Irish politics is a snake eating it’s own tail.

    1. Cian

      Whoever get into power will blame the previous 9 years of FG for not being able to fix things.

      Unless we vote FG back in. They have nobody to blame.

      1. V

        Bitta’ve a Robbie Ray Fan are we

        Don’t worry lads, only Mammys and Daddys of girls who are now aged between 14 and 18 will get it

  2. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    “Smash narco gangs”

    What’s the next soundbite? “We’ll neutralise the sicarios and decimate the soldados.”

  3. newsjustin

    Start giving lengthy prison sentences to everyone caught with illegal drugs in their possession. And pay for adverts to list those convicted. Yes, even the nurses son, and the solicitors daughter, and the young professional couple, and the trainee vet just holding the bag for a friend.

    Petrify those who choose to use drugs that cause misery to others. Treat those actually addicted to illegal drugs.

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