“I’ve Yet To Hear A Single Person Mention It”


This afternoon.

RTÉ’s Vincent Kearney tweetz:

No B word: Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar is keen to talk about Brexit but so far travelling across counties Dublin, Longford, Louth, Offaly, Tipperary, Cork and Limerick with David Goldsmith to cover the general election for RTÉ News I’ve yet to hear a single person mention it.



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3 thoughts on ““I’ve Yet To Hear A Single Person Mention It”

  1. Col

    Yeah, it’s a big deal. How are the EU going to handle Brexit without the might of Coveney and McEntee and whoever?

  2. Otis Blue

    Coveney seems to get a free pass due to Brexit. Don’t confuse dull earnestness with ability. Being Minister for Foreign Affairs might suit his self image but his record as a Minister for Agriculture and later as Minister for the Environment and Housing was less than stellar. He’s no better than Varadkar.

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