11 thoughts on “Everything Is Awesome

      1. 01101101 01100011

        yesss! you are def onto something there Janet

        could be like a banksy lego…
        lego homeless people in the doorways, little lego tents on the canal (with excavator), queue of lego range rovers making their way up Clarendon St…

  1. Paulus

    Very good; but they look like nice clean tiles on the floor – make a welcome change from the sticky carpet.

  2. Peter Dempsey

    Lovely but full of insufferable punters. Lads with beards who say “problematic” a lot and get angry on Twitter.

    1. Dash Rickwood

      If you’re going to go to Grogan’s, go at about half 11 in the morning. All those bozos are coding or making granola or whatever and it’s full of old drunks. Much pleasenterer.

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