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This afternoon.

Fine Gael Election HQ, Dublin

Scenes from the launch of Fine Gael’s General Election 2020 manifesto in which party leader Leo Varadkar promises to:

Increase current health funding by €5bn over next five years.

Recruit 5,000 nurses and 3,840 primary care workers and to provide free GP care for under 18s.

Increase the point at which a single person pays the higher rate of tax to €50,000 euro and €100,000 for a couple.

Expand the Help-to-Buy scheme to help more people to buy their first home.

Increase the State pension by €25 a week, over five years.

Pledges on health, USC and help-to-buy in Fine Gael manifesto (RTÉ)


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11 thoughts on “Help To Buy Stuff

  1. Giles

    Sadly they cannot get nurses and doctors now
    And helping those earning what is needed to get mortgage do not need help as they are on at least 70 grand a year
    It’s rental accommodation that’s needed

  2. 01101101 01100011

    Question for any election nerds on broadsheet:

    in the PR system is there an accurate way to make sure your vote does not assist certain candidates?

    i.e. apart from an obvious scenario where there’s 2x FG heads in a constituency is there any way to predict who is transfer friendly in a given direction?


    1. Seamus

      Most effective way to vote to keep somebody out is to vote all the way down the ballot and give the unfavoured candidate the last or no preference. Ie give every single other candidate a vote.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yep. That’s the correct way to do it. That way the lower ones can’t get counted until the very end, at which stage the seat will already be filled.

  3. John F

    Weren’t income tax reductions, something he promised during the last election cycle?
    Me thinks the raft of stealth taxes that will be introduced or increases in current ones will more than offset any potential savings for people.
    I am not against the changes to the health system, but throwing more money at the problem will not fix it. The whole system needs to be redesigned with steps towards implementing a model more towards the NHS in the UK.
    If a united Ireland is to be achieved in the next 15 years. This will need to be done, there is no way in hell middle of the road voters up north would abandon the UK public services for ours.
    In reality FF and FG do not want a united Ireland any time soon. They have virtually no presence in the North and given that Sinn Fein has a large established presence there overnight, they would become the largest party in Ireland.
    In my view this is one of the reasons why both parties have ruled them out in the potential forming of a government. They do not want people to see that Sinn Fein in government could work. At the same time they are weary of the increased exposure Sinn Fein would get if they were leaders of the opposition. That’s why we have the pantomime of the current supply and demand arrangement.
    It’s quite possible that after this election, we will see a similar arrangement with the FF/Green party government being propped up by FG.

    Before anyone asks, I am not a shinner bot and don’t really care for their policies.
    However, I do fully believe that everyone should be entitled to air their political views in front of the public and excluding Mary lou from the main leaders debates was just wrong.

  4. Madam X

    A FF /Green mix looks likely. However if you landed from another planet in the last few days you would think there were only 2 parties contesting this election. To dispel that media hype vote left all the way. Throw in a SF vote as well. Might as well shatter the FF/FG exclusive bubble

  5. Andrew

    I don’t suppose there’s any prospect of a government being formed without FF or FG ? Two elections time maybe?
    It’s inevitable FF will be back in this time and it’s also inevitable they will continue the policies of the current government and probably make things worse. Increase borrowing and ramp up the property pyramid scheme.
    Sinn Feín would be wise to sit this one out although the lure of power will be hard to resist if FF invite them in, which I suspect they will if they can’t make the numbers with the Greens. A vote for the Greens will be a vote for FF or FG back in. FF would love to only have to rely n the Greens and a few independents rather than have to go to Sinn Feín.

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