You Have My Word


This morning/afternoon.

Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.

Fianna Fáil Party Leader Micheál Martin launching the Fianna Fáil General Election 2020 manifesto

Among the pledges:

FF would lengthen maternity benefit to 30 weeks and bring in new childcare tax credits.

It would also double child benefit payments for the first month after the birth of a child.

Fianna Fáil also promises to reduce classroom sizes to a class size of 20 to 1 if in the next government.

The party will also reduce income taxes and cut capital gains tax to 25%.

On housing, the party will introduce a first-time buyers top SSIA-type scheme, capped at €10,000, and expand the current help to buy grant measures.

It also promises to build 50,000 affordable homes for prices below €250,000.

FF election manifesto promises €168m homeless fund and doubled child benefit payments (Irish Examiner)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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15 thoughts on “You Have My Word

    1. george

      “Drugged-up past”. Yeah, had a drag of a joint twice at a party. Shocking stuff.

      Even if someone had been a drug addict in the past should that preclude them from being Taoiseach?

      1. newsjustin

        No one should be precluded from being Taoiseach because of their past. Even a past addiction would be fine.

        The main thing is that they’re trustworthy and don’t tell lies. I do believe that Leo does now know why funding violent crime by buying drugs is wrong.

        We can all relax anyway, because Leo is clearly telling the truth in the above video with Ivan Yates. That’s as clear as day. Everyone should watch the video to see how clear that is.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        And he sidestepped the question about other drugs with a ‘not since I became an elected representative’ line.
        Before he was an elected representative, he was a doctor. So, by avoiding that particular question, what would reckon? Did he do so when he was a doctor?

  1. Fearganainm

    Imagined aspirational waffle for the Northerners and precious little else – some Republican party Fianna Fáil turned out to be. Micheál demonstrating his skill with the long finger before he’s even sat down.

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