12 thoughts on “How Much?

      1. Wilhelm

        We find Dundrum cinema tickets cheaper than Cineworld, Sitllorgan or Dun Laoghaire.e.g. 7.50 to see the latest Paw Patrol (I know!) movie in Dundrim, The same movie in Dun Laoghaire was 11 euro.

        You are a mug for paying a fiver for a small popcorn. Popcorn, jellies and drinks are available in M&S.

  1. Carlos Los Bros Yos

    I know we have bigger problems in this world, but I can’t fathom how Cinema chains justify this apart from the fact that they all seem to do it. I’m telling you, if a cinema made a point of bucking the trend and just charging the fair price for drinks/sweets (maybe even have some actual DEALS from time to time) they may find that the get punter loyalty.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Cinemas make little or no money from the ticket sales. They make their money from confectionery…. so I wouldn’t be sure about your strategy. But yeah, a ‘deal’ now and again wouldn’t go astray

  2. Nullzero

    They also have vending machines selling sugary drinks that aren’t flat at more reasonable prices once you get past the check in area.

  3. Tarfton Clax

    Bottle of wine in Aldi with a stelvin closure.. …about six euro. Reusable Coffee cup…. Given out free in a lot of places. Large Bags of own brand “Dorito” type things about one euro. Own Brand minerals super cheap..


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