Noone Gets Out Of Here Alive


Yesterday evening (5.30pm).

Senator Catherine Noone’s campaign headquarters in Sutton, Dublin 13.

Last Friday, Ms Noone described Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as “autistic” while she was being questioned by Times Ireland journalist Brian Mahon about his performance on the Virgin Media One head-to-head debate with Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin.

Via Christian Morris


Last night.

Fiach Kelly, in The Irish Times, reported that Fine Gael had decided to “pause”  the constituency voting tactic between Minister for Communications Richard Bruton and Ms Noone, who is his running mate.

However, Mr Bruton, on Virgin Media One’s The Tonight Show subsequently said this was not the case.

(Mick Caul is a campaign volunteer for the Social Democrats)

Mr Kelly then reported that Fine Gael did a U-turn….

…with Mr Bruton even claiming suggestions of a pause in the divide were a “fabrication”. Sources afterwards said the publication of an Irish Times report had caused internal controversy and prompted the U-turn.

The earlier decision came after a series of meetings between Ms Noone and senior party figures, such as Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe who is Fine Gael’s director of elections, and Tom Curran, the general secretary.

Ms Noone is understood to have asked she be given the opportunity to explain herself in a broadcast media interview.

It is understood Mr Donohoe and Mr Curran decided against putting Ms Noone out on the national airwaves.

Fine Gael performs U-turn on Catherine Noone’s voting pact (Fiach Kelly, The Irish Times)

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Top pic: Padraig O’Reilly

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28 thoughts on “Noone Gets Out Of Here Alive

  1. Dave

    Christian Morris is a person who sues a lot (last time was suing kids who threw chips at him in a fast food restaurant) and puts out rambling videos attacking politicians. Please don’t give him airtime.

    1. Rob_G

      I think his video might have been more effective had all of the other businesses in Sutton Cross not also been closed.

      Also, kudos on the headline, Bodge.

  2. class wario

    They’ve gone further down in my estimation by not giving us another Maria Bailey-esque car crash interview

  3. paul

    same tactics. Dither between ‘very sorry, I won’t run’ and ‘who said that?’, obfuscate and muddy the waters and then, on polling day, while everyone is confused, she turns up on the ballot anyway.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        They stuck with Verona Murphy with all the babble she came out with, Noone will get the same treatment… including being dumped after she fails again to get elected.

          1. pedeyw

            Coming out of a Butlers too, the owners donated a load of cash to pro life campaigns. They’re lunatics.

          2. Dr.Fart

            i always marvel at how much FG concentrate on PR, image, etc. etc., and yet they are AWFUL at it. It’s the only thing they do, and theyre rubbish at it.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      I think she’s a dose but I also fancy her –
      and that’s why men are not to be trusted.

  4. max

    I just cannot get over the dress she is wearing, did nobody tell her that it woudnt work on a finegael background

  5. A Person

    Again Bodger, can you call out who Mick Caul is, instead of giving the Soc Dams a free ride? My first post was answered, the last 2 were not. Who are you related to in the SOC Dems? At least announce it.

      1. A Person

        An independent website should declare the background of the people that posts on their website, particularly during an election. As far as I know Mick Caul is on the management committee of the Soc Dems, and should be declared as such. If you think that constitutes some form of flat earth thinking, maybe you should google the term.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          And which party do you declare for? (as if we didn’t know :wink emoji:)

          How are things in the Fraperoom?

          1. A Person

            That’s what really annoys me about commentators on this website. Unless you are a shinner or in love with the Soc Dems (or Gemma previously) you must to be a fine gaeler. No, I just don’t agree with your narrow views. Any poster should be identified as to their background – what is wrong with that? Bodger won’t identify who mr Cual is for some reason.

          2. V

            Unless you are a shinner or in love with the Soc Dems (or Gemma previously) you must to be a fine gaeler.
            Well Person, I’m none of those
            And never was

            So don’t you spread such filth that I could be a Fine Gaeler

            How very dare you

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