Influencers In The Wild


From the Instagram account Influencers in the Wild – tributes to the dedication and single mindedness that goes into maintaining a quality social media feed.

That insouscient spontaneity doesn’t just happen, people.


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2 thoughts on “Influencers In The Wild

  1. Christopher

    I once had the misfortune of being in the gym when one of these losers was doing his inspirational motivation story for the morning- he would turn on the camera and be super energetic smiley and laughing. Then as soon as he was done he would stare down at his video looking really serious and glum. then he would REPEAT the same spontaneous blather he did the minute before and again the camera goes off and so does the energy as he watched himself back. He did this FOUR times (until I presume he was happy with his take) and didn’t care what a twit he looked to everyone else in the gym. It was around that time that I deleted instagram.

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