Labour first-time candidate in Dublin South West Ciarán Ahern posts another spoof video as part of his bid to get elected.

In fairness.

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17 thoughts on “Labour Pains

  1. Gearóid

    It’s a funny video, but you’re in the wrong party, Ciarán, if you’re looking for progressive change. Howlin and the others wreckers are still in charge.

  2. postmanpat

    He is in it for the money. The basic salary of a backbench TD is €96,189
    €25,000 vouched allowance or €15,000 un-vouched. You don’t have to deliver any election promises either , just get elected on a pack of lies and claim you don’t have enough sway because you where gobbled up by a bigger party that needs the numbers for power sharing . Cushy cushy cushy. they are opertunists . just like ginger and that hairy muppet in Europe right now. Millionaires at this stage. ah but look !!, he’s young and we need a “change” etc etc .

    1. Brother Barnabas

      he’s been an activist and working in his community since the early 80s, contributing his time, passion and energy for zero return, fighting the good fight, defending the vulnerable and those without a voice

      1. Andrew

        I’m confused. One person says he’s 22 but somehow has been campaigning since the eighties? How do you figure that?
        Now he’s a top lawyer that doesn’t need the money? If he’s earning more than €90,000 at 22 then he’s dong well alright.
        He’s not 22 anyway

      2. postmanpat

        He’s not earning anything near a €96,189 TD salary in that glorified legal secretary role. doesn’t need the money? Give me a break!!! chasing up paperwork and applications like a sap for 55k if he’s lucky, and his boss up his arse for quotas. versus 96k for zero accountability for the duration of the next government which could last 7 years? I appreciate a good hustle , but that is all this is. I don’t vote so good luck to him.

    2. A Person

      He’s not a shinner, so he has to be disagreed with? At least he hasn’t robbed banks , smuggled people and goods, or kidnapped business men to fund his campaign.

  3. Áine

    His father in law is Sean O’Rourke and his mother in law is Charlie Flanagan’s Special Adviser.
    Another establishment candidate working for a big 5 form masquerading as a young outsider keen on change.

    1. Praetorian.

      It’s a wonder the in laws didn’t sail him in the direction of the blue shirt regime…keeping it in the fambly like…

      1. Andrew

        Labour is the true home of the very comfortable middle class with delusions of leftyism.
        University lecturers, higher up civil servants. paternalistic types that know what’s good for poor people as long as they don’t live near them.
        They peddle failed social policies that condemn people to generational welfare dependency.

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