From top: Terry Prone; Ivan Yates (right) and Matt Cooper during the Leaders’ Debate on Virgin Media One last night

Further to last night’s immoderate moderation.

How did Ivan Yates develop his lovable telly persona?

Who on Earth could craft such a character?

‘On the day of the [General Election 2007] count, Sean O’Rourke went around the studio asking who would be the outstanding candidate of the election.

…When he went to Terry [Prone], she didn’t hesitate for a second.

“The outstanding winner of the election was Ivan Yates,” she said, “He came out of nowhere, or at least out of being half-remembered and, in a matter of weeks, he became a media star. He should abandon betting and move into media.”

…Terry had already turned me into a newspaper columnist whether I liked it or not. I had done a chapter on Celtic Bookmakers for a book KPMG had produced about entrepreneurs. The Communications Clinic does consultancy and training for KPMG and decided I should talk to Tim Vaughan, editor of the Irish Examiner, about a column. He said ‘Yes’.

In the beginning, I would send my first draft to Terry for her to sub-edit and tidy up but, after a few weeks, she told me I didn’t need her anymore.

…so when Terry ordered me into doing some [television and radio] run throughs [mock interviews], I said ‘Yes, Ma’am’.

…Terry pushed me relentlessly, tolerating no excuses…she had nothing to gain. I kept offering to pay her. She kept telling me to shut up and take notes.

She seemed in charge of basic skills while Anton Savage, managing director of their company, put a useful frame around the programme.

…Our ratings began to climb, I became surer of my radio persona, helped by a note I’d made when Anton had trained me.

‘Don’t set out to be likeable, you’ll be so bland and boring you’ll have nobody listening to you.’

That gave me courage when texts came in saying, ‘Ivan, I now know you are the greatest wanker of all time’.’

Ivan Yates in Full On by Ivan Yates

She had nothing to gain.

Good times.

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16 thoughts on “Terry Made

  1. Zaccone

    Having someone who was an FG TD for 20 years, and a government minister, as a neutral moderator in a political debate is/was ridiculous.

    (just on top of him being terrible for all the shouty, rude reasons)

      1. Zaccone

        It should, but at least brothers can, and do, regularly have different political beliefs to each other. So theres still at least a vague possibility of impartiality in that scenario.

        But someone who spent decades in a political party, and served as a government minister for them, can’t even pretend to offer that vague possibility.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You know, the protestant communities in the south are generally noted for their honesty and integrity. Yates became almost an outcast to that community when he pulled the bankruptcy trick and left people high and dry.
      And that’s not even counting when the wife did the double.

      1. Paulus

        I know that guests are coached not to attack the presenter; but it would be so tempting ( and easy) to wipe the studio floor with Yates. And I can’t imagine too many complaints.

  2. garrett

    Terry Prone comes across as a totally horrible person, that’s my opinion.
    She’s also a liar, that’s a fact

    1. Paulus

      The Crone is a funny old bird all right:
      Succeeded just because she got in early.

      I presume she played Bad Cop to Bunny Carr’s Good Cop in the early days; while grooming both politicians AND the clergy on how to obfuscate and deny…while projecting the required image.
      The original Irish spin-doctors.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    The same Terry Prone who told foreign reporters that there was nothing of interest in Tuam. My opinion of her and any of her political and religious understudies couldn’t be posted here.

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