Interesting Times


From top: Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin and Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald


Via The Times Ireland edition

The poll carried out by Panelbase is the latest to place Fianna Fáil in pole position, at 23 per cent, with only a week to go before the election next Saturday. Mary Lou McDonald’s party is the second most popular, at 21 per cent, followed by Fine Gael on 19 per cent.

Election 2020: Poll shows Sinn Féin heading for second place as Fine Gael falters (The Times Ireland edition)




45 thoughts on “Interesting Times

  1. newsjustin

    Sinn Féin riding high in the polls. I’m sure they’ll deliver on that on May 8th. I mean, they always do. The polls have never flattered Sinn Féin. Their supposed voters always come out to support them.

      1. V

        Worse still
        IMO anyway

        Is how Micheal D is bloody silent on how the Citizens are being denied hearing from Sinn Fein. The very lad that lifted Section 31 FFS.

        RTÉ and others, are actually assisting two parties of their own choosing, and are denying the voters information they are entitled to ahead of casting their votes. They, RTÉ have taken it upon themselves to silence all the other legitimately registered Political Parties in the State.

        And this is even worse AFAIC,
        RTÉ are providing two Candidates, who just happen to be facing the same election as all the other Candidates in their respective Constituencies, free airtime and support to enhance their own individual campaigns, and election prospects.

        All 160 (-1) seats are vacant
        With 530 ish Candidates competing for our Vote
        And Leo and Meehall are just two of them.

        If I was a Candidate in Cork South Central or Dublin West I’d be well ticked off.

        Michael D is Guardian in Chief of our Constitution, and whether he likes it or not he is obliged to ensure our Democracy is honest and run fairly and equally, for all Citizens, be they Candidates as well as Voters, or just Voters like meself.

        And Candidates legitimately entered into those ballots by the DW and CSC returning officers are not being given and equal chance by the State.

        His hypocrisy is shameful.
        And in this case, dangerous to our Democracy.

        1. 01101101 01100011

          and that appears to be the case but before getting overexcited about all this consider that very dirty trickery for a moment…

          what better way to panic your traditional “I’ll vote for them cos my father did” Garrett & Charlie fanciers into getting off their arses to get out and cast their vote than the spectre of ze shinners getting near the driving seat? the horror!

          I think you’re 100% correct, you could see the machinery working overtime all week long across radio, tv and paper. I don’t believe this poll for a minute. Another trick.

          1. V

            Ah I don’t give those polls a bitta suss. Totally coercive and strategically planned as campaign tools for the status quo parties.

            But the FF FG axis, Labour and the Greens will use this particular poll as a Bogie Man to try and dampen a Shinner surge.

            The only poll I’m interested in is what comes out of the boxes tomorrow week.
            And in particular – putting an actual number to what the National Party people are calling a Silent Majority.
            Can’t wait

          2. V

            Ah stop the internet lads, and let us all off for the day

            And give Binary them/ their that Golden Discs voucher ou’ that


        2. newsjustin

          Lol that nobody was interested in even wondering why Aontú weren’t allowed in the 7 way debate but now people are really exercised about Sinn Féin not being allowed.

          1. V

            Speak for yourself Justine
            I particularly was looking forward to hearing from Peadar, Hermann, a Renua rep, and Justin (Barrett) any relation btw?
            And I think RTÉ would behave done the State a great service by giving those three a podium alongside all the other Party Leaders

            Aontú huffed and puffed with a HC challenge – and they chickened out.
            And tbh, I would have had more respect for them if they actually followed through with an actual action; all talk Aontú, or as us openly Gay people would say – windy as _ú_k.

          1. V

            Not a bit of it
            Michael D should be insisting that ALL Candidates are equal under the Constitution
            And at least seen to be given fair and equal treatment in an election
            Any election
            In a Democratic Republic

            If Uachtarán na hÉireann can’t stand up for our Democracy as proscribed by Bunreacht na hÉireann then what the eff is the function for at all?

            Besides having a nice gaff FOC
            And paid holidays around the globe

    1. Chucky R. Law

      Sure it makes total sense to use a first preference poll to imply a national share of seats. By doing that, this apparent SF “21%” means that 80% of SF candidates will be elected, which is so totally believable.

      1. V

        That’s it right there
        % 1st Prefs won’t deliver the seat numbers for them

        That poll is a response to Mary Lou, Pearse, Mattie, Louise, Eoin – basically the Sinn Fein front row

        Only problem for them is that they can’t run in all 39 Constituencies
        And that will be their election disaster
        Not having the Candidates available in the numbers they need to maximize their vote share

        And they have no excuse for it either
        Since they’ve had the guts of four years, a new leader and a war chest that would have the FFFG axis sweating over.

        Let’s hope I’m wrong tho’

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Shadowy figures within FF make the decisions.
    “Martin blamed “people from headquarters” for signing him up to the National Women’s Council of Ireland’s Feminist Manifesto which commits candidates to ’10 key demands’ such as public childcare, ending violence against women and a rent freeze.”
    Michilín getting more nervous by the day.
    Time John McGuinness took over.

  3. RuilleBuille

    Interesting that on the doorsteps during the local elections the common refrain was ‘voting changes nothing’. During this campaign that has changed to ‘we must get rid of this government’.

    Health and housing are the biggest issues followed by pensions. But what has surprised me is the fury over the Black-and-Tan event, a mad own goal.

  4. Name withheld

    A vote for Sinn Fein is a vote spoiled as they will never take their seats in Westminister where they could really influence things in a positive way for us.
    Also I don’t see anyone signing up to their brand of Corbynistic fantasy auction politics that went out with the dodo. Also they’re racist and fascist for the most part.
    I like Mary McDonald and a few others but don’t be fooled into thinking they will be a force for good. They are going to put us back to the Stone Age.

    1. Clampers Outside

      I’m no SF fan, nor of Mary Lou, that’s no secret. But I thought your phrasing of
      “Corbynistic fantasy auction politics” has a nice ring to it… can you surmise it’s meaning for me, if possible. Thanks in advance.

          1. Name withheld

            What Cu said

            Sinn Fein are very closely aligned with Corbyn’s crowd as you probably know

            Their visionary approach is to re-nationalise everything – ie to turn successful well run companies like Aer Lingus and Ryanair into CIE

            Once they have stacked the boards of these enterprises with union comrades then watch as they progressively asset strip them, funding inevitable deficits with your taxes, and prepare them for sale to vulture funds backing their cronies in the management teams. The Fianna Fáil/ FG version of government in other words, while simultaneously making “socialist” grunting noises.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            The stacking of boards etc. Well that’s a FFGLABGREEN habit. There is nothing to suggest that SF would – and the reason is that they haven’t.
            And as regards union comrades – I think you’ll find that’s Labour’s niche.

          3. Name withheld

            wtf are you smoking?
            They wouldn’t even investigate known paedophiles within their own organization and you’re saying they won’t stack boards? Are you ok? Seriously? Do we need to call someone?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      But they have taken their seats here – you know, this election is about here, and they don’t have to swear allegiance to a UK monarch.
      A vote for FFGLAB though is a vote to waste your money.

      1. Name withheld

        Not for them it isn’t Giggidy
        Ever talked to a real shinner?
        They are an all Ireland party
        They should be held to account by the electorate here for their failure to advocate for us on Brexit in Westminster, a historic failure, considering they held the actual balance of power there and could have made ANY deal with the May government to get a much more benign version of Brexit done than what is currently envisaged by Johnson et al.
        Some Oglaigh nEireann!
        Some patriots!
        They literally could have put the green shirt on
        And had us forever in our debt
        Instead they sat back like dummies and allowed Leo Varadkar to portray himself as Eamonn De Valera
        An historic failure
        And it proves the current SF leadership are mere mouthpieces for the old comrades

        1. GiggidyGoo

          But their electorate in the north voted for them in the knowledge that they would never swear allegiance to the Queen. They obviously then couldn’t take their seats in Westminster.
          Or do you see that differently? Would you expect an Irish nationalism to swear allegiance to the queen?
          What balance of power are you talking about? An election would have been called in any situation. The result would have been the same. SF aren’t fools.
          As for allowing Varadkar portraying himself as DeValera. In what way? In case it escapes you, FG are the West Brit party here. It’s an absolute known fact. In no way could one of FGs portray himself as DeValera.
          As for mouthpieces – I think Mary Lou MacDonald explained that quite well…that each and every party have the equivalent of an Ard Comhairle in some format or other, and the leaders take their lead from that. Varadkar nor Martin make decisions on their own.
          In the case of FF, we see today, the Leader doesn’t have a clue what ‘the office’ are agreeing in his name.

          1. Name withheld

            Wait? What part of this are you struggling with?
            They are looking for our vote but are an all Ireland party. You get that? They can’t have it both ways.
            If you’re an all Ireland party you can’t be red lemonade in the North and white lemonade in the South. The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one. I don’t care what they told the folks in the North. They’re looking for my vote here. I don’t trust them and I wouldn’t give them my dog to mind.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Looks like you’re the one struggling to understand either north or south politics. Enjoy your walking your dog.

          3. Name withheld

            I understand enough to see you’re some species of troll – no one could be that genuinely obtuse
            Do this every day do you?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Well, I gave you the answers to your original comment and why you need to brush up on politics. The childish answer you gave showed you up as ill-informed and incapable of understanding the basics of debate. Just like your last post.

          5. Name withheld

            Let’s face it – you’re clearly a silly
            You’re a big man here on the internet telling people they don’t understand this or that when the basic lack of comprehension on your part is there for all to see. You wouldn’t be man enough to say anything of that sort to someone in real life though – except probably a woman. I know your type.
            Wash yourself once a week whether you need to or not sort I’d say.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    No Mairia Cahill persona yet?
    No Austin Stack persona yet?
    No charges against Mary Lou in a NI court yet?
    No digs in bogs yet?
    No ‘unnamed sources’ to cast aspersions yet?

    No doubt, like every other recent election, RTE, the Indo, Varadkar, Martin have a plan of action worked out for next week though.

    1. Otis Blue

      That’s a really poor article, lacking in any real insight or understanding as to why FG have tanked.

  6. Kate

    Will be interesting if there is “news” on RTE next week of more digging for the remaining three victims of the Disappeared from the troubles. Watch this space!

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      I can see the WhatsApp group for FG canvassers being very active next week … starting early each morning with the latest PR and mudslinging natch for the fateful to use on the doorstep.

      And wait till the #hometovote brigade are targetted and the Taoiseach’s building is floodlit in rainbow lights kinda like No 10 was for Brexit.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    I wrote in jest here a couple of weeks ago that Verona Murphy could use the FG posters from her first outing and cut off the FG logo in order to cut her costs for this election.
    Little did I know that she reads here, and that’s almost exactly what she has done. I took a trip down to Wexford today, and at three roundabouts there were the big (8’ x 4’ approx.) posters of her. She didn’t take the FG logo off, but she covered it up with one of her slogans.
    Ha haaaaaa. Once a FGer, always one – just cover the logo and rip it off if elected. Ha haaaaaa.

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