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  1. Charger Salmons

    G’wan the Shinners.
    You’ve been wittering on about a united Ireland for decades and now here’s your chance to elect the latent murderers who might finally give you the opportunity to achieve it.
    You’ll never get a better opportunity.
    All those misty-eyed nights you’ve spent in the pub singing the Wolfe Tones songs and cribbing about the dastardly Brits and how they ruled over you for 800 years.
    But of course you won’t take it.
    You’ll avoid the hard decision.
    Blame someone else.
    And hope someone comes to your rescue.
    You’re Irish.
    It’s what you do.
    I’m voting for the IRA.
    At least they’re consistent and you can’t say that about any other party.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      “and hope someone comes to your rescue”

      someone like franklin roosevelt, december 7, 1941?

      heh x3

      1. Charger Salmons

        I was thinking more of December 21st 2010.
        Heh x 3.25 billion ( with 2.01 billion still outstanding )
        But thanks for the interest, Brother, so to speak …

  2. Redbeard

    “Britons are optimistic..and are willing to pay higher taxes for a better UK”

    ‘Ere mait, that wozn’t on the ballot paper, wozzzit?

    So much winning.

  3. 01101101 01100011

    hey Broadsheet
    could someone pls explain the “heh x3” thing to me? haven’t managed to figure it out..some kind of secret handshake thing or..

    1. scottser

      Charger above there has a signature sign off when he laughs at our paddywhackery in favour of his tory brexit fetish. It’s weird and wrong but sort of compelling viewing, like a daily telegraph headline. Likewise he thinks he’s more relevant than he actually is.
      Looking forward to voting?
      I get the kids to do it with me. Even though they can’t vote they’ll know the full score when they can.
      Enjoy Saturday, and I hope your candidate gets in. You come across like someone with their head screwed on.

      1. 01101101 01100011

        ha! ok I think I understand now

        my dad just told me this morning to stick with my choices, not to be taking advice from family and friends on who to vote for, himself included- that its my vote and nobody else’s!

        on my way out the door now, have my passport and my card, the weather is fab, clear sky and still too…not sure where that mad weather is but looks like my timings good, anyway here goes!!

    2. Redbeard

      It’s toyshop tory shorthand for the term schadenfreude which they won’t learn to spell, because it’s forrin’ innit?

      Franglay or sumfink, innit?

    3. Redbeard

      It’s toyshop tory shorthand for the term schadenfreude which they won’t learn to spell, because it’s forrin’ innit?

      Franglay or sumfink, innit?

    1. bisted

      …of all the words appropriated by interest groups none has been more sullied than ‘green’…hope the Greta generation are not taken in by these opportunists…

  4. V

    A lot of content on Broadsheet over the last few weeks was Polls driven; understandably in fairness, my own view of those various polls was that they were strategic and phony, like Leo’s local news advertorials.

    And ye hardly need me to tell ye that 1st preferences are no reliable measure of total seat wins; particularly by the Larger National campaigns

    I have a gut feeling it’s not going to be the outcome most of ye appear to be expecting

    So since the only poll that matters is what’ll be tipped out of the boxes tomorrow – numbers 1 to 15 more or less; Here’s a Head on Block with a plus or minus margin of 2

    FF 52
    FG 38
    SF 30
    Greens 16
    Labour 10
    Stopping there as they’ll be the main features of what happens next but I can the see Soc Dems make a few gains alright – possibly 3 bringing them to 5, and that makes them something of interest to any attempt at an alternative Government.

    A bad day for Independents overall, but the ones we don’t want will be the ones getting through; *Naughten, Grealish, Healy Reas X2, Lowry, and I suspect Ross will return but not handsomely.

    Counts to folly, if ye’ve a mind to:
    -DSC for a battle that would make Game of Thrones weary- hard leftists Bríd and Joan and a Fine Gaeler who is even more useless than Regina, Catherine Byrne, scalding each other for that last seat. DSC could well be odds on for the most recounts too.
    – CSC and see who/ how the next leaders of the FFFG axis shape up and out (pay particular attention to the allocation of 1st Prefs between the eFFs btw)
    – Meath East- Regina v Helen; and West for Johnny Guirke as he wipes out Peadar – extra bonus would be the pus on Damien English
    – Tipp – where AKs vote can be thought of as a forecast for the future of the Labour Party
    – Wicklow – Just to see how the Voter reacts to that flippery flop head Donnelly
    – Clare – County Final stuff with the two tribes going head 2 head
    -Longford – let’s see how James Reynolds “silent majority” really adds up to
    Dublin M West – only because I expect Emer Higgins to buck the trend and win back the seat the Blueshirts lost to SF last November
    Wexford – Verona don’t you know

    Ah here – they’re all going to be savage craic

    BTW Hazel’s Husband is getting my No 1 and Tara Deacy 2, Joan 3 and Bríd 4

    *If the Constituency of Roscommon return Denis family friend of David McCourt with the same level of approval as GE16 – well Jaysus I hope every fly-tipper in Ireland gives yere their own support back – fully loaded.

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