For the first time ever, three parties are all fighting it out to be Ireland’s most popular party according to the official Exit Poll for General Election 2020.

The Ipsos MRBI Exit Poll for TG4, RTÉ, The Irish Times and UCD shows Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Sinn Féin all on 22% of first preference votes.

Any excuse.

More as we get it.

Live Election Tracker (RTÉ)

Thanks Deirdre Ní Choistín


Exit polling preferences among Generation Z.

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88 thoughts on “A Three-Way

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Transfers will be interesting. Get your dinner out of the way early and sit down and watch the coverage. It’ll be more exciting than a Christmas Day Eastenders cliffhanger. Duff Duff Duff Duff Da Da Da Da…

  2. Ringsend Incinerator

    In fairness, 22% doesn’t take into account the number of candidates being run by each…

          1. newsjustin

            Late in the evening when FF and FG are picking up second seats all over the country, SF will be sitting on their hands…they’ll shrivel as the others pass them out.

            And if last time is anything to go by they’ll sit on their hands when it comes to trying to form a government as well.

      1. Cian

        SF will jump to an early lead as they have a single candidate in each constituency who will get across the line. but this will peter out as they run out of candidates.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Well, you used the words ‘peter out’. Just wondering if Peter Casey will be responsible for a dent in Varadkars own vote.

          2. ReproBertie

            Peter “people’s real concerns” Casey vs Leo. It’s a battle that’ll last for at least the first count.

        1. Steph Pinker

          Exactly, Dav; there are many who don’t understand that outside of the main cities the candidate options aren’t as varied and numerous as those within the larger constituencies – that’s the reality, unfortunately. The established political parties [for the most part] can take their seats for granted, but independent candidates/ smaller parties can’t afford to financially compete with the status quo, so where’s the democracy in that? We’re in to an American type system whereby money buys votes.

          Btw, I think you should copyright your mantra, ‘thanks blushirts’ because it’s very appropriate – and sarcastic.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I’m also with Dav on the thanks blueshirts buzz in fairness, he gets grief because he never engagées on anything else lightly..or anything else really

          2. Steph Pinker

            As am I, Janet, I like his tenacity and passion and it’s not without a factual base or lack of understanding either. Otherwise, what’s with all the sexy undertones on BS tonight, ‘engagées’? That word is so onomatopoeic if one didn’t know what it meant, one would have to try it just to find out – and so would I.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            in fairness, marylou, there isnt a single party that hasn’t run a gobpoo somewhere and at some stage

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      +1 I’m surprised about everything. I wasn’t here for the last election, but it seems this one has a different hue entirely than any previous. More intrigued than disappointed.

  3. 01101101 01100011

    did ye see the exit polls for the 18-25 y/o segment??????

    SF 31.8
    FG 15.5
    GP 14.4
    FF 13.6
    LAB 2.6
    SD 4.1
    PBP 6.6
    IND 8.9

    the sour faces right now on the telly….it’s a joy to see :) :)

      1. 01101101 01100011

        only 2.6% of 18-25’s gave them a 1st pref

        its so low the margin of error nearly covers it

        I don’t know much about politics but there’s a mountain to climb I’d have thought

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Eventually. When they get back to being a left wing party, run by actual socialists and not out of touch pensioners who gave us Jobbridge and food banks.

      3. Con Kennedy

        No. Finally Ireland is copping on that a vote for Labour is a second preference for the Blueshirts.

  4. Birdie

    Labour needs a new leader. Someone that is closer to what labour is supposed to be. Ideally some new blood.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        There might be no one left in Labour in a couple of years. Disbanding might be wise. Or, they could do a reverse take over of SF, like the Workers Party did with Labour.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        They say it’s a ringing endorsement and they should have first shout to form a government.. the big question is where do the transfers go.. that big new vote for SF.. oh to be at the rally’s tomorrow..

  5. Broadbag

    Just want to say thanks to Bodger for staying up past his bedtime to post this, also thanks for the papers every night, I never comment on them but they have become a part of my nightly routine, quietly but greatly appreciated.

      1. Steph Pinker

        Bodger, the way you wrote that is very sexy; I’m just sayin’ like as I’ve nought else to offer.
        Also, I agree.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      AND all of those lengthy election interview transcripts. Great work.
      *talks over one another to praise Bodger*

  6. Truth in the News

    The next Government comprised of Fianna Fail + Fine Gael + Greens which will
    stumble on to the Anniversary of the Civil War which will make the the attempt
    to commemorate RIC – Black and Tans seem as minor, it is amusing to see FF and FG
    form into, need it to be said a “shotgun marriage”,,,,,the next sequel could be a lump
    of the Fianna Failers joining the Shiiners…..and wait for it the already begun charm
    offensive by the media to ingratiate themselves with the Shinners, already apparent
    in the musings of one Fionnan Sheehan in the Indo…..the best bit will the implementation
    of the Shinners Policies without them being in Government…..just anything to hang on

  7. Charger Salmons

    At least the 18-25 year olds in Blighty only support terrorist sympathisers rather than actual terrorists.

    1. Golden Balls

      I saw that
      That whole Montrose campus needs to be sold off to a vulture fund, we might never get a better price for it

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