17 thoughts on “Looking Good In The Hood

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Those are really nice. I particularly like the second one (floral design) in part because of the eminently practical neck shield, but also the design. A good friend has a lovely floral coat that this would actually work with (said the guy with no sense of fashion)

    The fourth one s a little too picnic blankety for me, but then if it does the job and the wearer likes it, who cares? I also like that the hood comes out far in front. In most of my coats with inbuilt hoods, you end up with a drip (or occasionally a river) of water under the coat in front and down my chest.

    Even when I do not particularly like a design, I am in awe of those who can come up with these ideas. And for all its other flaws, The Devil Wears Prada shone a torch into the world of fashion, making some of the decisions and fashions make more sense.

    In any case, good luck to Laura Baleztena with this.

  2. Lilly

    Speaking of in the ‘hood, I saw Mary Mitchell O’Connor in Lidl just now. All dressed up, bright red lipstick, no skulking about in a hoodie for her. Looked a bit peaky and shell shocked all the same. Some auld fella went up and commiserated with her and I’m pretty sure I heard her say never again or words to that effect.

  3. Edel

    These are so gorgeous and would be great at the moment in this depressing, endless nuclear winter. Love the black floral one..

    1. Salmon Eile

      Agreed. When they make Paris Fashion Week I might take a second look. They look like something a laicised nun would wear.

  4. Salmon Eile

    These are appalling. What is the point?

    Buy a proper hoodie. Or join Sinn Fein and get a free balaclava.

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