Going Through Changes


A change is as good as a rest.

Or is it?

Rob Reeves writes:

I recently asked the people of Dublin how they feel Ireland has changed in their lifetime. I received a wide range of opinions on immigration, political correctness, entitlement and religion…

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11 thoughts on “Going Through Changes

  1. Dr.Fart

    entitlement, pc culture .. thats just begrudgery because the new generation didnt have to endure years of abuse from the church and the state. although they face a form of state abuse in that there’s no housing or health service worth a damn. whenever i heard the olds complaining about the olds i think “well you’re generation tanked the economy of destroyed the environment, so fupp off”

    1. Cian

      Yes. The old Health Boards were so fantastic for our forefathers that they changed then into the HSE we all know and love. /s

      The Irish health service has always been inadequate.

  2. Matt Fitzpatrick

    Winced a bit there at the “we were raised under a different set of values” line. Younger generations didn’t raise themselves so why are they to blame for the supposedly different values they were raised under?

      1. italia'90

        his oId xenophobic materiaI about the eastern Europeans was much funnier in fairness Iike ;)

        hmmm ffs? feckin foddiners see?

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