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  1. Charger Salmons

    So Leo Varadkar formally resigned last night on a wet Thursday in February.
    An ignominious end to his day in the sun on the international stage.
    Oh, how Irish hearts sang as their man primped and preened his way along the EU catwalk, displaying a nicely-turned ankle for his EU paymasters.
    Ireland was a player at last. No longer just one letter removed from Iceland. We’ll show ’em we’re more than just being famous for getting pissed and having to be put in a taxi and sent home by the Troika.
    But Leo’s head was turned by a blond bombshell. Not the first hapless victim to be charmed into submission by the legendary Lothario.
    And now he’s gone. A cigarette butt in the empty lager tin of Irish politics.
    And his legacy? A disunited country with its parliament log-jammed and a populist party causing panic in the ranks of the Establishment.
    Now, what does that remind me of ?
    Heh x 17.4 million.

    1. some old queen

      You know Charger, you’d get a way more favorable response if you stopped trying to goad people?

      My own assessment of Leo is that he was to Irish gays what Thatcher was to British feminists. Both groups delighted that they were finally represented only then to quickly find out that their commonalities paled into insignificance- two very sharp lessons in shallowness of identity politics.


      1. Charger Salmons

        Not really.
        Thatcher won three general elections and was in office for eleven years.Varadkar hasn’t won an election and wasn’t even the most popular choice in his party.
        The fact that one was a woman and the other is gay is irrelevant.
        Also, whether you liked it or not Thatcherism was a political philosophy whereas Varadkar is a PR-driven lightweight who mistook publicity for power.
        Unpopular as it may be I think he should have worked with rather than against the UK from the moment of the referendum result. He went after the Shinner vote for political purposes and all he managed to do was fuel their popularity.
        Like most political failures in Europe he’ll soon be hopping on board the EU gravy train so he won’t care that much.

      2. Salmon Eile

        “You know Charger, you’d get a way more favorable response if you stopped trying to goad people? ”

        But then Charger would have nothing to say….. it’s the whole point of it…

      3. Andrew

        “My own assessment of Leo is that he was to Irish gays what Thatcher was to British feminists.”

        Absolutely bizarre statement.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Of course he hasn’t gone just yet.
      Currently in Brussels with the rest of the EU trying to figure out how to cover a rather large hole in the EU’s next 7-year budget after the UK’s departure.
      How big ? About 12% of their current budget.
      I wonder if Germany and France regret sending Cameron away with his tail between his legs all those years ago now they’ll be asking their taxpayers to pick up the slack.
      Brexit,eh ?

      1. Charger Salmons

        And guess what ?
        ” Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has ruled out the government supporting the EU’s proposed budget, as it would result in Ireland paying out more money but receiving less funds from Brussels. ”
        What a hypocrite.
        Ireland has only just become a net contributor after years of sponging off the EU.
        Now he knows why Blighty got rather naffed off about the whole organisation.
        This EU budget meeting is turning into comedy gold.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    I see FGs Daffynomics Minister opened up a sop for businesses. Another loophole. A new entrant to the ‘double Irish’ dictionary. And a small snippet on the front page above. FG – the loopholes party. Thanks blueshirts.

    1. V


      No more footing turf lads
      Get digging for Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Natural Gas, Bauxite, Iron Ore and before long you’ll be the new Beverly Hillbillies or even the next Ewing Dynasty

    2. italia'90

      Venezuela is mineral rich,
      has a wonderful climate,
      has more billionaires than Ireland,
      and built over 1 million homes for the homeless!

      Where do we sign up?

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