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    1. Charger Salmons

      And we start with sport.
      Making Sexton the Six Nations captain was Farrell’s biggest mistake so far in his short time as head coach.
      Sexton was a great player but at nearly 35 he’s well past his prime. Two years ago he would have nailed those kicks in his sleep but he probably had his mind on what he was going to complain to the referee about next.
      The best captains come from the forwards – such a shame Stander is a Saffer.
      And why Keith Earls was on the bench instead of starting is beyond me. Even on an off day he’s one of Ireland’s best players.
      And Devin Toner ? About as useful as a chocolate tea pot. There’s a reason he didn’t make the World Cup cut.
      Ireland need to start fast-tracking some of their excellent Under-20s squad into the big leagues.And soon.
      France will be licking their Gallic lips in anticipation.
      Mind you, England will rue missing out on the bonus point.
      Elsewhere, not a bad weekend for British and indeed world boxing.
      Fury is just the type of smart, entertaining boxer the heavyweight division needs.
      Fury v Joshua will be one of the highlights of sport this summer.
      After the Euros,of course.
      But you’ve got to be in it to win it …

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Not a lot to disagree with there. Peter O’Mahony would have been my choice for Captain. Then Ryan in a year or two. That said, PO’M may lose his place to Doris. That said, England scored a couple of flukey tries off of farcical errors. But great kicking from them and score them they did. We’d have been bet by the Scots if they had not had any farcical errors of their own. That said their goal line defense was again resolute leaking one try. England struggled for the bonus try and save for another fluke I didn’t think they’d get one.

        My biggest concern is the inertia. The space they gave England to attack was incredible and the on field decision making from Murray and Sexton was dreadful.

        We can talk about progress but there’s still a lot of Joe left out there. If Farrell wants to make his mark, he needs to cull at least 5 stalwarts and start the youngsters and ages if they have it. He’s got two games left this championship to do it.

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          Murray and Sexton look spent and while the first half trys were from mistakes, England fully deserved their lead and probably should have scored more.

          The captain is a tricky one, Sexton is a short term fix but I’m not sure who else you could pick – nobody is really assured of their place.

          As for Tyrone, puke football is dead.

          The tribes are matching under one banner again, they’ll win an all Ireland before their noisy neighbors.

        2. Charlie

          It wouldn’t have mattered if Jesus Christ was captain. We’re just not good enough at this present time. Sextons career is on the slide. It will take a ballsy manager to start a change.

      2. ReproBertie

        “Making Sexton the Six Nations captain was Farrell’s biggest mistake so far in his short time as head coach.
        Sexton was a great player but at nearly 35 he’s well past his prime”

        Sexton in the 2020 Six Nations has scored 1 try, 3 conversions and 4 penalties. Not bad for a fella “well past his prime”.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I didn’t say he was a bad player.
            In his prime he was a great player but he’s 35 in July and even the greatest rugby players in the world are past it at that age.
            Underhill and Curry are 23 and 21 respectively.
            After the World Cup shambles those are the sort of ages Ireland should be blooding now.

          2. ReproBertie

            There’s definitely a need to start building for 2023 and part of that will be moving away from Sexton and Murray but nobody was calling for his head when he missed conversions against Wales and there were no complaints when he scored every point against Scotland. One bad performance against the beaten RWC finalists and the notoriously short memoried fans are getting the knives out.

      3. yupyup

        You speak of Fury as if he’s a new up and coming kid on the block….he’s got 2 more fights in him and then he is off in to the sunset for a well deserved retirement. Fury V Joshua my ass. You Brits will make a whole load of noise about that, and that’s all it will be. If it even/ever happens, Fury will wipe the floor with that robot Joshua.

          1. V


            A undisputed World Champion is an Undisputed World Champion

            And I don’t care what the sport is or the event

            Or where any Paddy is on the gender spectrum

            All that matters is the colour of the flag they compete under

            Hon’ Ireland

          2. ReproBertie

            The man’s only discovered boxing scottser. Don’t be confusing him with technical terms like “ring”.

          3. Charger Salmons

            I’m a big fan of boxing.
            Much prefer watching that than fat Westerners pretending to be Bruce Lee.
            Ain’t that right Grasshopper ?

          4. ReproBertie

            Big fan of boxing? Really?

            So how do you see a Fury AJ fight going, assuming Fury doesn’t have to go straight to Fury Wilder III of course.

          5. Charger Salmons

            Personally I think Fury Joshua would go the distance with Joshua winning on points.
            He’s a far smarter boxer than Wilder but without the devastaing KO.
            There was something not quite right about Wilder in that fight which he vaguely alluded to in the post-fight interview.
            Whether there’ll be a third one depends,as always, on the money and if there was a clause in the contract for the 2nd.
            And, of course, Dillian Whyte is the WBC mandatory challenger.
            Yourself ?

          6. ReproBertie

            I think Wilder was hanging on by the start of the 5th. He looked to be on autopilot, as if he was trying to ride out a few rounds to recover, hence all the clinching, but he was never getting back into that fight.

            Joshua is an incredible talent but he’d need to repeat the tactics of the Ruiz rematch to have any chance of beating Fury and I don’t think Fury would allow him to stay at distance, jabbing away. That was Klitschko’s tactic for a lot of his later fights and Fury just ate it up. I think Fury wins it and I think he’ll drop Joshua a couple of times. Whether it goes the distance will depend on how well Joshua can keep out of reach.

          1. Charger Salmons

            What’s wrong with being a landlord ?
            Without people like us investing in property and providing an excellent after-sales service the housing market would be in even deeper manure than it is now.
            We are the unsung heroes of Ireland in many ways.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I was a real estate agent for seven years , I know landlords so take the sales pitch elsewhere

          3. Charger Salmons

            Oh, the irony of an ex-estate agent claiming the moral high ground over a landlord.
            My first good laugh of the day.

          4. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Well it was in a country with strictly enforced rental laws, and it was my company, so strictly ethical despite the landlords I was working with best efforts to screw everyone at every occasion,
            but stop flirting

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            infact the reason I’m not in that field here is because in this country it’s a filthy business,
            I wouldn’t take on landlords who wouldn’t meet certain standards before I took on management of their property and looking around Dublin there would be very few.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        From the report on The Journal.
        “Irish Water was prepared to start sending the letters as early as last October but the plan was postponed to deal with issues around how customer data would be managed, unmetered houses, and building IT infrastructure to support the project.”
        The last seven words just show how this club operates. It has cost over a billion to set up an invoicing facility, yet they have an issue with building an IT infrastructure ‘to support the project’.
        Like everything that has cost billions in taxpayers money in this country, the end result is being prepared for privatization. IW caught out in its early days by the EU letting it slip. Children’s Hospital and it’s sections for private practice, and Broadband, where FFG are gifting if to Actavo – Denis O Brien.
        No wonder FF and FG don’t want to let SF into government. There would be many lids lifted – even that pimpernel Moriarty Report might even be found.

  1. some old queen

    Italy now has the third highest number of coronavirus infections in the world. They are quarantining people for 14 days but there is already a case in China of a woman who was asymptomatic while being infectious for 21 days. Then there are other images emerging of people just dropping to the ground like it was some sort of a bio weapon.

    Even when they do get a vaccine to market it will be rushed- I am not going all anti-vax here but who knows what side effects that will have.

    1. theo kretchmar schuldorf

      This Austrian train business is making the whole story a little Cassandra Crossing-y

      1. The Old Boy

        You’ve just given me a very visceral flashback to being drunk in a cinema, watching in some befuddled amazement as Richard Harris and Sophia Lauren chewed the scenery and spat bits of it at each other.

    2. some old queen

      Bad and all as the health system is here, there is at least some chance of treatment- unlike the states. If it gets going there, all hell will break loose. Not sure how much truth there is to this but it has been said that you can catch it in the air within three minutes of just talking to someone.

      I wonder if this is a flu and if so will it adhere to the flu season rule- meaning it tapers off in April?

  2. Tringo

    Amazing data protection delays sending bills to those wasting water

    A world gone mad
    If they do not have a meter how the hell could theyMeasure their consumption

    Maybe if they did waste water on scale we’ll expose them
    For exactly what they are

  3. Charger Salmons

    More #despitebrexit news.

    The UK’s booming aerospace sector employs 111,000 people directly, boasts a turnover of £35.9bn and exports 95% of all output.
    The order book backlog of more than 14,000 aircraft is worth an estimated £212bn to UK industry.
    ” Aircraft orders began 2020 with a strong start, as customers ordered 296 new aircraft, the highest on record for January and more than five times higher than the first month of 2019. ”

    Anyone still pining for the halcyon days of Project Fear ?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      All while Airbus are cutting 357 jobs in the UK, while GKN Aerospace are cutting jobs in the UK.

      Morrison’s cutting 3000 jobs
      BBC cutting 450 jobs
      Beales shedding at least 500 jobs
      British Steel takeover will mean 500 job losses
      NPower cutting 4500 jobs
      TSB cutting 370 jobs
      Mothercare job losses 2800
      Mamas and Papas 130 jobs lost
      3500 jobs to go in Honda, Swindon
      1700 jobs to go at Ford, Bridgend?

      Hope you’re happy eh?

      1. Charger Salmons

        UK employment has hit a new record high (76.5 per cent) while unemployment has dropped to a new 44-year low, at 3.8 per cent., according to figures out last week.
        Unemployment in Wales is at its lowest since records began.
        Meanwhile leaked internal reports from Nissan have revealed that, if the current round of Brexit talks fail, it could move production of Micras from France to Sunderland, aiming to capture a bigger share of the UK market.
        BBC to cut 450 jobs ? Do you think there’s a single person in the UK other than those who work for the bloated broadcasting corporation who gives the slightest monkey’s ?
        And all that guff about Brexit frightening away EU nationals ?
        In fact, the number working in Britain over the past 12 months has increased by 36,000 to 2.31 million. The number of non-EU foreign nationals working here has climbed by 49,000 to 1.34 million
        Weekly wages are back to their pre-financial crash levels ie, the highest since March 2008, years earlier than forecaster predicted.
        Britain is booming baby.
        Less so the Eurozone …

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Ah sure it’s great. Some well paid jobs going there. Some yellow pack jobs being created, and Nissan can see that there will be a large market for its cheapest car. Onwards and upwards.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Onwards and upwards indeed for the UK economy.
            Real facts and real people in work.
            The Boris Bounce is happening.
            The sunlit uplands beckon.

        2. scottser

          how are those poverty rates working out for ye, charger?
          ‘Our projections also suggest that the falls in inequality seen since the recession will be reversed over the next few years, with real earnings growth boosting the incomes of those at the top of the distribution more, while benefit cuts fall largely on those nearer the bottom.Given this path for inequality, it is not surprising that these projections indicate an increase in relative poverty of around 2 percentage points – of which about one-third is due to direct tax and benefit reforms, and the other two-thirds is due to earnings growth and other changes in the economy. This rise in relative poverty is entirely driven by child poverty, which is projected to rise by 7ppts’

          you should all be very proud of your starving children.

          1. Charger Salmons

            All down to the huge black hole in the public finances left by the last Labour government and Prudence Brown.
            Fortunately tough Tory economic policies have created the perfect conditions for what we’re seeing now – record low unemployment and rising wages.
            No pain, no gain.
            The alternative is Venezuela.

        3. ReproBertie

          “UK employment has hit a new record high (76.5 per cent) while unemployment has dropped to a new 44-year low, at 3.8 per cent., according to figures out last week.”

          But I thought the UK was full of people ready to take up the slack once all the unskilled foreign types like nurses and plumbers are refused entry.

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