‘Your Father Works For My Father’


Blackrock College at last year’s Leinster Senior Schools Rugby Final

This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

After recent matches in the competition the Leinster branch of the Irish Rugby Football Union issued a letter to schools warning about drinking and anti-social behaviour involving past pupils, as well as derogatory name-calling from the stands.

…former international referee Owen Doyle described his disgust at what he saw on the stands during school matches.

He said there were chants from some groups of supporters, such as “your father works for my father” and “we pay fees”, and verbal abuse of volunteer match officials and schoolboy players on the pitch.

…the Spiritans – founders of Blackrock College, St Michael’s College on Merrion Road, St Mary’s College in Rathmines and Templeogue College in Dublin – said its school communities were “united in a commitment to holistic education underpinned by strong core values”.


Anti-social chants bringing sour note to schools rugby (Carl O’Brien, Irish Times)

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27 thoughts on “‘Your Father Works For My Father’

  1. NobleLocks

    “Stop the world, someone said something that might have slightly offended me!”

    I am sick to my hind teeth of this snowflake media manufacturing outrage for the Karen’s of the world to whinge about.

    Journalists: When you’re out of a Job because people don’t read your Hack drivel anymore and use alternative sources for their news you can use this article as a good example of why we got sick of you.

  2. Donker

    None of these people would use “father”, they would say your Dad… Should I assume the rest of this story is as error strewn as the headline?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      They are quoting the referee Owen Doyle who used those words, so the headline is not error-strewn Did you actually read the article?

    1. Optimus Grime

      Yeah I worked in Kielys in Donnybrook for a couple of years behind the bar and I could never understand the lads in their early 30s with no kids turning up in the shirt and getting hammered in celebration at a couple of young lads from your old school beating another team of young lads

      1. Paulus

        All part of belonging to a tribe – and many people seem incapable of existing outside a tribe.

        Not that different from the tens of thousands who slavishly follow football teams from other countries, and will pay top-dollar to wear their heros’ shirts… complete with name and number.
        I presume they project themselves onto, and even imagine themselves as an extension of the footballer they admire so much. Fine if you’re in your pre-teens, but questionable beyond that.

        1. class wario

          I think a slight difference here is that the LSC stuff is also very much tied up in class politics and the apparent reputation going to such a school bestows on you, future leaders of the country and all that. strip that exclusiveness away and i reckon these fellas would think about as highly of their schools as institutions as most other people in ireland i.e. not hugely.

          1. Praetorian.

            That new FG lad Neale Richmond is a prime example of this group…a product of Wesley college.The arrogance and contempt he displays towards people on TV panels is palpable…his twitter feed shows just how odious he is.

      2. V

        its the lads that doll up in their old school scarf to Club, Pro/ Ireland matches that are the saddest to be honest

        lads that did their leaving back in the 80s 90s like
        probably repeated as well

        although, funny (ish) story
        my pal finally got a decent medal (Junior) into the house after already running around all over South Dublin and the wider Pale with her older two for years, and Jaysus knows how much in fees – with three of them

        And when she brought all the pics and newspapers, youtube videos and insta stuff, and comorative photo albums and programmes and hoo haa back to Tipp to her own crowd, – gaw’ love her, it didn’t get a bit’ov a look in.

        The one year Tipp win an All Ireland

        1. Praetorian.

          Yep…there’s three boyos where im living in Westmeath…couldn’t tell ya where Mullingar RFC is,would panic at the thoughts of heading to the RDS for a Leinster game…but by christ when the three freebie corporate tickets come up for the AVIVA everything comes out of the press…and they know E V E R Y T H I N G about the rules.

  3. dhod

    I witnessed these future pillars of society in full swing about three weeks ago. It was the LCC final day and a few hundred Gonzaga goys were making their way to Donnybrook from Ranelagh. most of them had sunglasses on, scarves covering their faces and hoods up. They were shouting abuse at anyone passing and smashing beer bottles of walls and the paths. Obnoxious little rich kids are the worst. Maybe Ewan McKenna has been right all along about rugby culture in Ireland

    1. class wario

      it’s quite funny seeing them trying to roleplay as this dreamt up incarnation of the ‘football hooligan’ all the same

  4. Fluffybiscuits

    Sneachta and his mates out of their bin on ‘pints of probs’ and a few lines of marchin powder….screw the D4 sillies

  5. J Dizzle

    Back in 95 to 01 I was in De La salle, Churchtown. We were part of the Senior Cup then. We got Hockeyed off Blackrock every year. This name calling was going on then with stuff like “Poverty warning” and general laughing at us. I thought it was kinda funny as a teenager and just thought they were just dicks. Any way, one year one of their buses passed by and they were jeering out the window. One of the Salle lads threw a brick and it went through the back window. All hell broke loose. The Blackrock boys weren’t used to the street violence. I just sat back and and enjoyed the or comeuppance.

  6. gringo

    Kinda ironic that these cheap little bullies are the product of an elitist Catholic education which is heavily subsidised by everyone else. I suppose you could refer to them as Welfare Wankers.

  7. Ringsend Incinerator

    Your Father is My Father (Cleary)….

    The CoronaVirus will take care of those SCT games soon – just watch.

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