This evening.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheal Martin with Thomas Byrne TD (above left) talking to the media in The Portico following talks with Fine Gael leader and acting Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on a possible FF/FG alliance.

Get a room.

Varadkar and Martin discuss health, housing in ‘preliminary’ meeting (RTÉ)


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14 thoughts on “Exploratory

  1. some old queen

    Who is top and who is bottom? The bottom always has control because they can shout *STOP* at any time- just like the last government.

  2. 01101101 01100011

    a nice analysis piece, very straightforward, by Brian Hanley in today’s Guardian:

    Hysteria over Sinn Féin entering government is about power, not the past

    “However it plays out, the old party system in the Republic has been broken for good – another casualty of the great recession. But many of Sinn Féin’s new voters are likely to have no compunction in seeking other political homes if they feel their hopes for change are dashed”

    yup, the question for me looking ahead isn’t a matter of when anymore…it’s more whom is listening to our citizens demanding change? (hint: it ain’t FFG)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The only one around here that has no problem with doing something illegal is yourself BB. Which you’ve admitted. So toddle along and spew your baby bile on some other thread.

  3. Truth in the News

    They should have no problem of forming an administration since they had one
    with the last 4 years, simply let the rest abstain and see how long they last even
    with reinforcements from IBEC

  4. topsy

    That’s the man who backed Ahern to the hilt as the country was economically destroyed and stood shoulder to shoulder with Ahern as he lied his way through a tribunal. Truly a man fit for leadership of this country.

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